Jime Pereyra – “Aquí me Quedaré”

 Jime Pereyra – “Aquí me Quedaré”

Jime sure seems like our kind of people!

With an empowering & uplifting energy & sound, singer/songwriter Jime Pereyra turns an ordinary day into an extraordinary dance party in her latest video, expertly directed by Sergio Toño Pinto, called “Aquí me Quedaré.”  Translated into English in the world according to Google, “Aquí me Quedaré” means “I will stay here” – and when you see where she is & the people she’s partying with, it’s easy to understand why she’d never want to leave!  Fantastic spark & sincerity in this single/video that a ton of you out there will connect to quickly & instantly start turning up the bright combination of Dance/R&B vibes she creates – and make sure to have a good look at the scenery surrounding her, like you’ll see that she’s even turned the buildings around her into music-making machines!  She’s got a gorgeous voice and a ton of charisma both onscreen & on the mic – Jime has the exact kind of energy you want in a singer & can jump-start your day into something much better than it already was.  Need proof?  Push play on “Aquí me Quedaré” below, turn this up, watch – and see/hear for yourself – she’s awesome!

Find more music & videos by Jime Pereyra at her official YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPEjKqVlrmFvcVkbwTSy-lA

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