Jesus Dangles – “Oh Jesus He Wept”

 Jesus Dangles – “Oh Jesus He Wept”


He’s a freak – likes to suck toes.

Thou art not prepared to witness this level of awesomeness – but I sure as hell am!

I’m just gonna say it as plain as I can for ya – this is bloody genius from screen to sound, and about a million times more addictive than I think anyone would even realize at first.  Are Jesus Dangles controversial?  Read that band name again and ask that question once more without sounding stupid.

Yes they’re here to disturb some shit!  Just so happens that they sound righteously awesome in the process of doing exactly that.  The low-key lo-fi beat fueling the vibe of “Oh Jesus He Wept” is subtle BRILLIANCE y’all…no joke, no lie – it’s tight AF and extraordinarily badass to listen to.  Then you factor in how innocent yet spot-on the vocals & melody are…or the simple bass line that keeps the rhythm flowing…the bizarre additions to the atmosphere surrounding all this beautiful madness & intentionally provocative mayhem – Jesus Christ, are you not entertained!?!  Or how about this absolutely KILLER animated video they’ve got goin’ on with it?  I just about died and visited the man upstairs by watching & listening to this…I’ve got so much love for bands like Jesus Dangles that set out to rumble society & its preciously peaceful ways – this is the kind of rad controversial music I can proudly stand behind.  Partly because it’s genuinely way more fun than they even let on – they actually play this pretty straight-ahead with a near absence of emotion or anything to let us in on the joke…and that just made me love them more.  Usually in the cases of a band that’s got some kind of specific angle like this, you make some kind of bizarre trade in concept for something worth listening to – but in this scenario, you not only get something rad as hell to listen to, but you get a completely kickass video to enjoy along with it – PRAISE BE!  Show your devotion & give a click or two on the latest single by Jesus Dangles – have a look and listen to “Oh Jesus He Wept” below!

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