Jesenia – “Made It”

 Jesenia – “Made It”

We’ve got all kinds of great news for ya this morning regarding crossover sensation Jesenia – listen up!

First & foremost, she’s having a seriously killer year, catching on like audible wildfire, and all for plenty of good reasons!  About a month back, she released the video for “Made It,” expertly shot by DirectorDre, to start up her 2020 resurgence – and we’ve got that stellar video for you to check out for yourself today, so we can do what we can from our pages here to help assist in keeping the justifiable hype surrounding this superstar goin’ strong & do our part in spreading the word about all-things-Jesenia.  So click play – you don’t need our words to convince ya – Jesenia has the kind of star-power you can visibly hear & see – you couldn’t possibly miss the X-factor in her  – check out “Made It” below!

The even better news is that there’s still so much more coming in this breakout year for Jesenia.  She’s already released the lyric-video for her single “In My Bag” in August 2020 as well – AND…word on the street is she’s got a brand-new release coming up this November…on the 13th…which is…a Friday…

…wait a second here…

You mean “Friday The 13th” will be officially available worldwide ON Friday The 13th of November?  Hellz YES!  Respect – that’s coordinated promo y’all – and Jesenia is ready to bring it to ya thematically when it comes to the killer content of her upcoming single.  I’m hearing it’s got that hard-edge/melodic Rap style to it that features Jesenia’s signature style & swagger…I’m hearing that you’ll discover even more of her crossover appeal & wildly accessible sound…and you got it – I’m also hearing that this new single “Friday The 13th” is indeed one that captures the spirit, energy, and vibes of the infamous movie series.  How cool is that?  Trust me when I tell ya Jesenia, aka Jesenia TheSinger, has got more than enough talent that she’d never need a gimmick to get her by – you can tell that yourself, because you just clicked on her video for “Made It” up top and had a listen to that stunning single with your own ears, saw the video with your own eyes – right?  So you know you’ve got every reason to assume she’s fully ready to enter the darkness & embrace what’s lurking deep in the shadows – and keep us completely entertained in the process, no doubt.  Jesenia makes her return on/with “Friday The 13th” in November – be ready!

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