Jerry Collins – “Summer Waves”

 Jerry Collins – “Summer Waves”

According to his official website, “Jerry is neither singer nor songwriter, yet has a hobby as a music lyricist.”  Interesting right?  Definitely sounds like a great hobby to have – the resulting serene chill of the melody & music that’s come out of his lyrical efforts on the new single “Summer Waves” certainly prove he’s got a unique angle that definitely works.  Collaborating with talented studio musicians to get these ideas of Jerry’s recorded is a good move & a perfect way to ensure that the words don’t go to waste; instead, you get the insightful imagery & wisdom in the lyrics, enhanced by players & musicians with their own exceptional skills & abilities to assist in making the most out of this moment & new single “Summer Waves.”  Everyone gets a chance to play a significant role in the sound of what you’ll hear on “Summer Waves” – and Jerry’s words get the sincerity & passion they deserve in this performance.  A beautifully written tune that’ll relax you in all the right ways, Jerry’s lyrically detailed a tune about water-skiing, hangin’ out with your friends, celebrating good times & being together – you’ll feel a great sense of unity & comfort in the words, meanings, and messages he’s placed expertly into the verse & chorus…”Summer Waves” has the kind of inviting vibes you’ll always have time to turn up & enjoy – have a listen to the latest from Jerry Collins and check out the new video below!

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