JEMAN9IN – “Limbo? (Subby Bass RMX)”

 JEMAN9IN – “Limbo? (Subby Bass RMX)”

This much I can tell ya…if JEMAN9IN keeps the quality and innovation up like you’ll hear & see in his latest single/video for “Limbo? (Subby Bass RMX)” – this dude is absolutely going places.  When it comes to music, I can tell ya firsthand, the people are craving uniqueness out there – and JEMAN9IN is fully stocked & loaded with it – the brilliantly stylistic way this dude puts bars together will absolutely make a memorable impact on ya 100% & the wild video supporting “Limbo? (Subby Bass RMX)” is freakin’ superb.  I’ll put it to ya this way…after experiencing this one cut, there’s no doubt that JEMAN9IN both knows exactly how to keep ya entertained & also how to set himself apart from the rest of what’s out there.  Dude crushes this cut with standout sound & visuals…you can’t help but pay close attention.

I mean…c’mon y’all, this is a straight-up deadly single & video combo that absolutely catches the eyes & ears.  While there are likely a few names out there in Rap/Trap that you could make a comparison to JEMAN9IN for similarities…it’s highly doubtful that any one artist would come all that close to the full blueprint of this man’s path towards success.  It’s just as likely that listeners will find a skilled mechanic like JEMAN9IN actually has quite a bit in common with the master of Trip-Hop himself, Tricky – you’ll find that “Limbo? (Subby Bass RMX)” possesses that same fearless spirit in the approach to music & art.

Put out through Sanity Records, which is only a stone’s throw away from where we are in Ottawa – it’s awesome to see a whole crew of talent taking over right here from the same province we’re living in here in Canada.  With creators & innovators like JEMAN9IN on the roster, believe me when I tell ya, there’s bound to be a whole lot more incredible talent at Sanity Records if they’re able to have the foresight it would take to back an artist like this one that is clearly about five miles ahead of the game.  Do we have faith in Sanity Records you ask?  Oh you bet we do – if “Limbo? (Subby Bass RMX)” is any kind of example of what they’re bringing to the table, you can count on us for dinner – cause we eatin!’

Mad respect for this.  Whether it’s the song itself, or the cutting-edge video it’s got along with it, anyone out there witnessing this single for themself would have to come to the same conclusions we have – there’s just so much uniqueness & artistic allure here that you can’t help but feel it.  Everything about what’s happening from the screen to the speakers makes a massive impact – the slow-burning intensity of the music, the slickness & character of the vocals, the quick edits coming atcha in the video like a stream of consciousness from a dream come to life onscreen – what else can be said y’all?  This is how you get it done RIGHT and make sure that the people out there remember your name – JEMAN9IN has got all the essential ingredients of a huge star in the making and a killer new single/video on his hands with “Limbo? (Subby Bass RMX)” – this is the kind of difference that makes the difference, straight up.

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