Jeff Roland – “Space Oddity”

 Jeff Roland – “Space Oddity”

What a fantastic personality this guy has.  From messages I’ve read behind the scenes about his music and art, to the way Jeff Roland communicates so humbly to the audience through his live-stream video performance of the legendary David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” – it’s clear this man has authentic passion, and a whole lot of enthusiasm too.  We love that stuff here!  And we’ve always got time to listen to Bowie tunes and celebrate his legacy, no matter what time of day it is – so welcome to our Canadian-based pages of the internet, all the way from France, Jeff – and thank-you all so much for stopping by!

I think there’s an extremely valuable lesson to be learned in watching this video below that I hope a great many of you out there will take a cue from…and that is simply to PLAY.  So many artists & bands tend to waste so much time waiting for the perfect opportunity to perform or record, and in the meantime, LIFE ITSELF is busy passing them all by in the process.  Artists like Jeff here…they get it…they know so much about music is right there in the very magic of the moment itself – and when does that moment occur you ask?  More like when DOESN’T it occur?  Guys like Mr. Roland here are always making music, creating something new, and performing to an audience of some kind, whether live or online like he has been currently – you get the point…he’s a late-night owl for a reason, because he’s livin’ for the art & craft, and craves that next opportunity coming his way to express himself even more.  Nothing HAS to be perfect – the moment itself IS, you dig?  And here on “Space Oddity,” Jeff’s preserved an acoustic cover and a memory he’ll always have to remember…that’s the whole advantage of video, of course.  But even here, after a full night of painting – and keep in mind, he’s an internationally featured artist, so it’s no easy task – he’s still found that extra energy, enthusiasm, want & will to pull out his guitar and entertain all of YOU out there!  You gotta love & respect the tireless dedication Roland has…what makes it even better is that it’s all beyond commitment – it’s purely the way this man is naturally – he lives, eats, sleeps, & breathes music & art.

It’s also awesome to see & hear how the incredible influence of David Bowie is never going to fade, especially not when there are artists like Jeff found all over the world that are always willing to pull out an acoustic guitar and jam one of his timeless tunes for us.  Roland’s stripped-down version of “Space Oddity” keeps the heart of the art in the song fully intact, and embraces the perfectly imperfect, highly-expressive style of The Picasso Of Pop in a way that fans of the original superstar will appreciate.  It’s “a little humble night music session” – exactly what Jeff promises you it will be, right there in the official posting on his YouTube channel…it’s a genuine moment where he was inspired enough to share his music with us, and the organic & honest vibe you’ll find along with this take on “Space Oddity” feels like you’re spinning right there in the tin can with Roland as he plays.  Like I said from the start – take a page out of Jeff’s playbook here folks…pick up your phones, get in the studio, rock a safe & socially-distanced stage wherever you can…but MAKE MUSIC and CREATE ART, wherever, and whenever you can…and always.

When Jeff Roland isn’t rockin’ solo alone or for you on the internet live, he’s found playing with his band The Gemini Conspiracy – find out more about the music & art of Jeff Roland from his official website at:

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