Jef Joslin – “Sunshine”

 Jef Joslin – “Sunshine”

Jef Joslin – “Sunshine” – Single Review

If you’ve ever experienced listening to a song or album with a particularly heavy-message inside of it like we just finished talking about with Mercury & The Architects in our last review – then you’ll have that same appreciation I’ve got right now for this new-single from Jef Joslin that is clearly here to help brighten up your day.

I’ve always said that I am a complete and utter sucker for a sweetened melody – and it doesn’t get more syrupy-sweet than what you’ll hear from Joslin on “Sunshine.”  Somewhere in between sounds of a band like Jellyfish and an artist like Michael Buble – you’ll find Jef Joslin just chillin’ in the “Sunshine,” warm and inviting you to join him.  Consider me in!

From the wonderful harmonies and brilliant performance, to the sparkling & fantastic production you’ll hear on this latest single from Jef – there’s absolutely nothing about it I haven’t fallen completely in love with!  It’s been a great day for music here at our pages…no lie…it’s one of the best I can remember.  Diverse too!  There’s been a range of emotions and expressions lining these pages today and I truly feel blessed to be experiencing such incredible music from our amazing independent scene.

Jef has nailed this one so incredibly tight that this is a complete case-closed – the verdict is in and the result is in favor of Joslin.  If you are in need of a song to take you away entirely from whatever mood you’re in or cloud hanging over your head – “Sunshine” is like the musical-antidote to a bad day.  There’s a slightly classic-touch to this song that really gives it a timeless sound that transcends past pure pop-confection and into something that will last for years and years on your playlists.  The confidence in Joslin’s voice is audibly intoxicating to me…it’s the kind of song with such incredibly sweet intentions that you can hear that many singers would have been much more shy about making this and somewhat pulled themselves back on a performance – but not Jef.  The magic of this new-single comes completely from his incredible melody and vocals…the music supporting him is solid and won’t let you down for even the tick of a single second as it plays throughout – but there’s no doubt about what makes this song stand out as brightly as it does – it’s completely Jef.

And like I’ve mentioned…there is certainly a time for a song like this…who couldn’t use a little dose of “Sunshine” in their life right?

The uplifting nature and positivity in this track are brilliantly realized…and though I must have heard it nearly fifty times by now, I still can’t get enough!  I can definitely appreciate what he’s done here through the composition, writing and performance…it’s all about as professional and ready-to-roll as you could ever ask for.  The mainstream better take notice, because Joslin is about to invade your radio-stations and playlists this summer like you don’t even know…you can take that opinion to the bank and cash it.  The harmonies and their placement in this song alone will have you convinced…this is a real songwriter at work here – and to make pop-inspired melodies that truly last, you need to be.

There are absolutely no worries here and nothing but clear, blue-skies ahead for Jef Joslin and the “Sunshine” he’s bringing to us all.  The song is absolutely stunning and sparkles with the beautiful intentions that drive its lyrics…as uplifting as a song can possibly be and a performance that should have everyone listening and everyone that had a hand in making “Sunshine” come to life beaming with pride.

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