Jake Ward – “Take My Hand”

 Jake Ward – “Take My Hand”

Jake Ward – “Take My Hand” – Single Review

Alrighty! I have no clue where exactly the latest single from Jake Ward, “Take My Hand” came from…all I can tell ya is that it more than likely wasn’t from Jake or we probably would have had more than just links thrown our way! Completely unlike a genuine artist like this not to reach out and say HI at the very least…so YEP…gotta assume it’s the old Suits N’ Ties hard at work revving up the machine behind the promo of Jake’s new music. No judgements here – that’s completely expected from the upper-brass…we’re just cogs in the machine…reviews are for the bathroom nightstand and all, I get it.

So…well…yeahhhh…as a result, I’ve got no insights on the personality particularly this time around, just the music…guess that’s not so bad. “Take My Hand” is actually a really well put-together single full of bright melody and tone…part country, part rock, part folk/Americana…this new song really does hit the spot! When it first began, the guitars reminded me of something similar to the vibe & feeling you once got from a song like “December” by Collective Soul…it has that gently-picked, beautiful-tones from the guitar as Jake begins to sing perfectly overtop.

Then the party truly begins! As the tempo and pace pick up, the beat and the guitar find another level of energy and really start to move; shortly after you get bass and violin adding themselves to the mix and music to really bring “Take My Hand” to a full-boil. The energy, emotion and tremendous passion are on full-display and sound fantastically-recorded – this is professional stuff, no doubt about it.

Because I’m telling ya…if you weren’t somehow convinced throughout the first three minutes or so of “Take My Hand” – and you LOVE guitar – well then make sure you stick it out to the ending because this dude LIGHTS it up with a seriously wild & well-played solo that brings “Take My Hand” storming to its ending. Precision-playing, great-tone and a solidly-confident performance – the guitars come up to the surface of the mix to really help add the emphasis into the solo and it works perfectly – this moment shines as bright, if not brighter than the rest in “Take My Hand.”

Overall, Jake Ward leaves you with the impact and impression he’s intended to with his new-single – this isn’t a song or performance to be ignored. Jake moves along the guitar with the hand of a true-professional and performs his vocals like his very life depends on each note coming out 100% golden in tone. With the matching energy between his singing and the music itself, “Take My Hand” seems to find a way to win from every possible angle…again, there’s no doubt about it for me…this is a truly great tune that’s been written, played & performed to its absolute-maximum. The vision…or intention…whatever the seed of this song started as, has fully-bloomed into the awesomeness that Jake Ward was hoping for; and this lead-single should go a long, long way in getting the people out there amped-up & excited for his upcoming album.

Find out more about Jake Ward from his official homepage at: http://www.jakewardmusic.com

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