Jacques – “Love Isn’t Good Enough”

 Jacques – “Love Isn’t Good Enough”

Did you get my message?

Loud and clear Jacques, loud and clear…sometimes “Love Isn’t Good Enough” – #truth.

Soulful artist Jacques is singin’ out the pain and heartbreak to you all on his latest single.  As many of you out there already know full well, the game of love is one of the hardest to win out there…and even when you do, you’ve still gotta maintain that victory and keep it over time afterwards – and that ain’t easy either!  Jacques gets it…he’s been there, he knows it…and in a personal reflection of the good times & bad, he takes you through an emotionally powerful trip on the new video for “Love Isn’t Good Enough,” using his highly-expressive vocals and subtly dramatic scenes to communicate just how tough the battle for love can really be.  If you’ve been there, you can definitely relate – but more importantly, if you haven’t…make sure to learn from Jacques and his experience to help you with yours – and the best way you can do that is by checking out the full story for yourself in the video for his single “Love Isn’t Good Enough” below!

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