Jackslacks – Invisible

 Jackslacks – Invisible

Jackslacks – Invisible – EP Review

Ha! Could you possibly not enjoy yourself when Jackslacks is playing?

Apparently this is an annual tradition for this roots-rockin’ Southern Californian song-writer, this whole puttin’ out new tunes thang…I can dig that. This year, where we join in and become a part of the Jackslacks journey, we’ve got our hands on the Invisible EP. After reading about it and having a listen to it – we’re not the only ones! Not only does Jackslacks have a solid-following & fan-base already – but you can also see from the album’s credits just how many people come along to lend a hand at the ol’ Jackslacks studio-ranchola way down in sunny San Diego…there are a TON of musicians on this EP!

Not. Even. Kidding. If you add up ONLY the name Bill and its derivatives, there are still THREE that went into the making of this EP! That’s like, 300% more BILL-POWER than like, most any other band. That’s a fact…a rock’n’roll FACT so sound that at the very least you’d have to research at-length to prove me wrong! Best of luck unto all of you doubters – for the rest of us, we’ll enjoy a hefty dose of BILL-POWER on this new EP thank you very much.

To be truthful, normally I find myself a lot more resistant to the twangy, 50’s/60’s inspired sounds in today’s music…but there’s something about the Jackslacks approach that feels authentic to the time-period…the music he makes honours it tremendously with its genuine feel. Slide guitars, backing vocals, rhythm and groove get the opening tune “Your Time Has Come” and the EP on a bright & sunny note. The harmonica is exceptional when it makes its appearance in the song – and you got it, supplied by one of the Bill’s! The way the beat slides around in its groove is a perfect playground for these fun-loving musicians to come out & jam to – and they all make the most of their moments in this opening tune.

“Back In The Mix” – I feel the same way! I’m surprised by how much I’m digging on this – there are WAY too many hand-claps in this song according to my normal threshold! So there’s that…that’s impressive in my books…and a testament to the old-school rhythm & swing of this melody executed so professionally here from this talented band. A quick song at less than three-minutes long – again, that’s fairly representative of the radio-rockin’ hits of the golden-age in high-speeding Ford Thunderbirds and 57’ Chevys…they were always short and delivered their magic quickly to keep the dance-floor moving. Long before they invented A.D.D. you see, they had this thing called actual entertainment, kids… Songs like this have that magic to captivate through their timeless sound and inspired performance.

Big fan of the guitars in the title-track and final-song “Invisible” – they’re muted for the most part but the subtly still shines through with a clever distinct melody. Another up-tempo, catchy song ripped right from the corners of music’s time/space continuum, “Invisible” is audibly just as fun and upbeat as the rest of the roots/surf-rock songs that dominate this EP and the Jackslacks sound. Each song designed and destined for your next quarter in the jukebox diner – the Invisible EP is a clever set of three songs that remind us that music, beyond all things, is meant to be celebrated and enjoyed.

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