Startin’ your day up with a cut that’ll cling to your bones y’all!

Check out this all-around killer collaboration in full-effect – from the speakers to the screen, IMJO RED & A$TMYR bring their A-game to their new single “SCARY GHOSTS.”  With a HUGE assist from the VFX of FLAMEBOY to give this video the added edge on screen through the use of mind-blowing effects, brilliant layers, and wild colorization – “SCARY GHOSTS” visually gets downright epic to watch in how everything morphs & moves.  Not the kind of effort you wanna get caught sleepin’ on homies – you feel me?  Get IN on THIS!  IMJO RED & A$TMYR have built this track to keep the flow fluid, smooth, and slick from beginning to end, from the lefts to the rights – the hooks are bulletproof and a perfect match for the energy & vibe they’re workin’ with in the music produced by A$TMYR.  It’s an all-around effort that every hand on-deck should be proud of being a part of…the song itself is supremely solid to begin with, and the video they’ve now got supporting it with such wicked & trippin’ effects to keep your whole FACE entertained, 100% hits the mark – it’s the exact kind of visual complement to a song you’re always hoping to find paired to a great single.  Have a look & listen to “SCARY GHOSTS” by IMJO RED & A$TMYR below!

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