Idle Vandals – “Oh Yeah”

 Idle Vandals – “Oh Yeah”

Lockdown Garage Rock” all the way from Wellington, New Zealand you say?  Sign us up!

Idle Vandals aren’t fucking around y’all – within two savage minutes of wall-to-wall energy, these guys crank it straight up to eleven and take you for a wild explosion of pure amped-up mayhem, leaving you zero time to catch your breath or do anything else but rock out right along with’em!  You’ll hear the menacing roar of real badass riffs, furious drum beats & rumbling bass-lines, and vocals that seek to scorch the earth with searing hot harmonies in the chorus hooks and a fierce performance throughout the powerful rip through the verses.  Essentially, Idle Vandals make a massively memorable impact in a very short space by taking their new cut “Oh Yeah” straight to your face in every conceivable way, attacking their music with everything they’ve got – you can practically hear the sweat dripping off this recording & performance – they’re holding nothing back, and it’s the true spirit of real Rock that leads them straight to victory with this single.  Well…it’s that, and a stellar video to support it too – Idle Vandals have compiled a rad set of visuals from old New Zealand tourism vids to go along with the killer grooves of “Oh Yeah” & give it a slick retro-look onscreen that pairs perfectly with the expressive vibes of their latest cut to keep ya fully entertained at all times.  Check it out for yourself – and be prepared to reach for the volume to turn this sonic onslaught right up to the rafters – Idle Vandals hit “Oh Yeah” with addictive hooks and the undeniable essence of what makes Rock’s electric style & sound connect & keep your attention locked on every second.

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