Iaki Vallejo – “India Soy Negra Soy”

 Iaki Vallejo – “India Soy Negra Soy”

Iaki Vallejo – “India Soy Negra Soy” – Single Review

The international sensation returns to the spotlight & our pages once again!  Always an honor to check out what Iaki Vallejo is up to – full disclosure, she’s every bit as wonderful behind the scenes as she is in front of the mic – it’s always a pleasure to listen to what she’s come up with next and see her spirited enthusiasm & exotic sound thriving out there online.  Not JUST online mind-you…last I had checked in with Iaki, she was on her way to a giant concert at the end of March this year to officially unveil her new single “India Soy Negra Soy” (I am indigenous, I am black) with talented support & musicians coming in from all over the world to join her onstage and make it all a night to remember.  Safe to say that 2019 has already been another highlight year for Iaki’s music & career – but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have big plans to keep that momentum goin’ & the music flowin’ – it’s time to share that new song of hers with the rest of us online through the official release of the single/video for “India Soy Negra Soy!”

Not only does Iaki look & sound spectacular on her new single, I’d also argue that this is the kind of cut with more than enough vibrant, colorful, and classy hooks to pull in people to listen from all over the place.  Passion matters…focus matters…dedication, heart, genuine love of the craft…these are the ingredients that make the difference for us as listeners when we check out music from any artist/band, the list of what will separate the good from the great; Iaki is loaded with all the right stuff to succeed.

Clearly surrounded by a whole host of musical talents in the studio as well, which you’ll see onscreen in the video – everyone involved really has the energy & spark required to bring such a beautifully radiant & expressive song like this to its maximum potential.  Because all those ingredients I’ve listed there for ya…they’re all great & they’re all super important – but when they’re really all clicking-in to gear, it’s also because all hands on deck & involved in the music are authentically having FUN & fully invested.  That’s where the real magic of “India Soy Negra Soy” continues to shine brightest – it’s the kind of song where everyone involved is having an absolutely incredible time & loving the process of bringing this song’s colorful vibes into existence for all of us to hear – and somewhere in there, that FUN translates to us as listeners without question…energy like you’ll find in this single is contagious in all the best of ways.

Expertly directed by Gustavo Cardona, I love the use of color in the video supporting “India Soy Negra Soy” – it’s like the perfect visual complement to how the sound actually sounds.  You’ve got the main star of the show, Iaki, looking stunning onscreen and equally colorful, proudly representing her culture, her music, the amazing local talent within the scene, and her beautiful homeland of Colombia, flowing with flawless transitions and continually entertaining & engaging moments throughout the new video.  She sings with extraordinarily bold charisma and character – the kind your ears can’t help but notice – and as “India Soy Negra Soy” plays on, the all-inclusive vibes continue to grow & expand, until we feel like we’re right there in the thick of this party, jamming with the band and singing along with Vallejo.  She finds a smooth & silky flow to the movements she makes on the mic throughout the verses, and then springs to life for the gigantic hooks of the chorus – both of the main aspects of the structure in that sense, definitely hit the mark spot-on.  You’ll find multiple other reasons to keep you listening along this journey for sure, from the impressive instrumentation, to the calm serenity of the breakdown, to solos from the keys, trumpet, and saxophone really adding in a noteworthy amount of versatility to the rhythm & groove found throughout “India Soy Negra Soy.”  The drums/percussion also deserve an entire shout-out of its own for the expressive style you’ll find applied there – and when it comes to the video, bonus points for the appearance of Robinson Ceballos for the freestyle dance he adds onscreen as well.

Talent attracts talent – isn’t that what we always say here?  This entire video & single is all the proof you should need of that fact…everything comes together brilliantly from the speakers to the screen on Iaki’s new song – and by the end, you’ll visually have seen a smile on every face you’ve met along the way.  More likely, MULTIPLE smiles…because making music like this is truly all about having a good time and getting right into the moment with everything you’ve got.  I think that the people out there will love that they can see all this happening right there in front of them onscreen…the fun, the commitment, the PASSION…and I’d be willing to bet that they’ll be even more impressed by the fact that you can genuinely hear that spirited energy, unity, & connection flow all throughout the music & vocals as well.

Find out more about Iaki Vallejo from her official page at:  https://iaki.com.au

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