Hyde Out – “Smoke And Mirrors”

 Hyde Out – “Smoke And Mirrors”

Where do I even start here?

I could go with the supreme amount of versatility on display, or the cleverly dynamic songwriting and structure of a song like “Smoke And Mirrors,” or the exceptional amount of tension, drama, and stellar musicianship you’ll find in this single by the UK’s Hyde Out…they’ve given a guy like me plenty of options when it comes to what we could talk about here, and you gotta dig that.  As I’ve said about a million times on these pages of ours, indifference is the last thing you want with your music – and with what Hyde Out has put out here between this song/video combo of theirs…no one’s gonna feel that way.  The sparkle & character in the music alone is bound to draw in most folks I’d reckon…and the more you dig into what Hyde Out, and this particular single are all about, believe me when I say, the cooler it all gets.

Honestly, I think this is a big win.  Lyrically, this is all-aces from start to finish, and if you’re really listening, you’ll find there’s not only massively insightful wisdom being laid down throughout “Smoke And Mirrors,” but when you consider the words in tandem with watching the video, you’ll see remarkable parallels that are brilliantly executed onscreen through the storyline.  I am a HUGE fan of cartoons, and just about as big of a fan of skillful puppeteering – it’s ventriloquism I’ve got no time for; so in that respect, consider me a stark raving fan of the true art Hyde Out has brought to the screen to support “Smoke And Mirrors” – it’s hands down one of the best videos I’ve seen in 2020, 100%.  Not only do I love the main character of our skeletal protagonist trying his level best to just live out his dreams like the rest of us are in this illusory world we’re livin’ in, but the way the video is shot, edited, and assembled…I mean…this is award-worthy stuff y’all, full-stop.  Considering where Hyde Out is at in their career at this point, with “Smoke And Mirrors” coming off their official studio debut album of the same name, you’ve gotta appreciate the impact the uniqueness they’re putting forth in their music combined with the wild storyline visual art onscreen genuinely creates – the extreme degree of appeal from sight to sound is pretty much undeniable really.

Excellent guitars, solid drums, groovin’ bass-lines, and powerful vocals from the lead to the background – Hyde Out has confidence in their material, and so they should; and we can hear that in the passionate way they play together on “Smoke And Mirrors.”  It’s a deep cut with multi-dimensional meaning that you’ll likely find is one heck of a lot more relatable than you might at first assume – but you’ll be more than stoked with figuring that out and giving this song the well-earned spins it deserves for the efforts.  Highly impressed with the amount of innovation on display from Hyde Out in their music, and I don’t think there’s a person on earth out there that would be able to resist this amazing video they’ve got supporting “Smoke And Mirrors” – they’ve gone about enticing the people out there in all the right ways & put out a stunning experience from the speakers to the screen that music-fans are sure to remember.

Find out more about Hyde Out from their official page at:  https://hydeoutband.com

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