Heathensun – “Beach”

 Heathensun – “Beach”

Heathensun – “Beach” – Single Review

Well shit!  Heathensun sure ain’t here to fuck around, that’s for sure.  You push play on this single “Beach” right here…and you’ll pretty much be ready to hand over your lunch money to Heathensun before the whole situation somehow gets outta hand & they reach through your screens & speakers and just take it from you instead!  Consider yourselves warned – this NC/SC-based crew is hittin’ up the Nu Metal vibe with full sonic force, middle fingers proudly raised high, ready to melt your face off, you dig?

Uniting the north side with the south side once and for all – you’ve got Drunkndonuts on guitar and Lo-Key on the drums representing the north, and up at the front on the mic you’ve got good ol’ Johnny Appleseed Anthrax rippin’ it up on the vocals all the way from the south of Carolina in the USA.  Word on the street is that you’re witnessing the rise of a band specifically created during the pandemic times we’ve been living through, who started putting out their cuts on the internet back at the start of 2021.  What I can tell ya is this for sure – whether or not Nu Metal or Rap/Rock is your jam or it ain’t – there’s a whole bunch of you out there that should definitely be paying attention to the blueprint these guys are laying out in terms of how to go about gettin’ your music out there into this world of ours – make no mistake & don’t get it twisted, just because there’s a ton of attitude in this band doesn’t mean they’re not willing to put in the work y’all.  From what I can see & what I can hear, Heathensun is essentially doing everything the right way from the drop of day one – you can see the focus applied to virtually everything involved from the consistently warped style of their artwork, the insane amount of content they’ve already cranked out onto the internet visually through their videos – and of course, you can hear it just as much in the tight, aggressive, intense, and in-your-face vibe they bring to their Nu Metal music.

I mean…they certainly limpin’ much harder than a bizkit does these days, that I can tell ya.

LISTEN to the beastly rumble in the low-end and menace of the guitars flare up as this cut begins will ya?  I don’t know about YOU – but that’s hella intense to me, and definitely possesses the kind of enormous depth that’s got no problem drawing me in.  Every band & artist out there under the sun is always going to have somewhere to evolve & expand their sound from the very beginning to what it becomes years on down the road – but if I’m being real with ya, for the sound they’re going for, with the talent they already possess, Heathensun already seems like they’ve got their whole vibe locked right on target and play like a unified force with a full understanding of exactly what they wanna create.  I have my moments here & there with how much rhyming is involved with the lyricism but big fuckin’ deal – who am I?  I’m just one of a million assholes out there with an opinion – and I’m not suggesting it’s even something they should change – there are verifiable hooks in what Anthrax is shouting at ya, and there’s always value in that for listeners out there.  To me, what sold me more than anything else when it came to what Johnny does up front, was the performance aspect, straight-up…the dude knows what his role in this band is all about, and he executes like a savage professional with the way he attacks every single line with such massive confidence & all-out nuclear energy.  To be fair to the rest of the band – it’s because of the rock-solid awesomeness in what Lo-Key and Drunkndonuts are cranking out together, that a dude like Anthrax is able to find that required juice to go on the offensive and bring his electrified best to every syllable he shouts at ya – these players he’s playin’ with amp him right the fuck UP, and you hear how the inspiration they share continually stokes this fire along the way.

People mistake Nu Metal music all the time for some kind of uncaring genre.  Sure they’re gonna yell “BITCH” in your face a whole bunch of times, and here in particular, “Beach” makes spectacular use of it as the main hook to their chorus – but at the end of the day, assessing this style of music as anything less than completely decked out & detailed would just be inaccurate.  Heathensun has made sure that everything you’ll hear is 100% gripping at all times from the music to the microphone – they’ve COMMITTED to this chaos they’re so happy to supply your speakers with – and it’s that resounding dedication & conviction, that animalistic WANT & DESIRE and NEED to do what they’re doing – that we can HEAR and we can SEE – that are really the strongest hooks you’ll discover in Heathensun above all – and man does that resonate powerfully or what!?!  You’ll remember this band…ain’t no doubt about that.

Find out more about Heathensun from the official pages below!

Homepage:  https://heathensun.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/heathensun

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/heathensunmusic

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/heathensun

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/4HTD53ZuV7pPtnUA65iCbW

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