H2SO4 – “Outsiders” (BassBears Mix)

 H2SO4 – “Outsiders” (BassBears Mix)

H2SO4 – “Outsiders” (BassBears Mix) – Single Review

As a teenager growing up in British Columbia, that was really only ever interested in his English class during the ol’ highschool years, I was regularly late for every other subject I was forced to take.  I can remember specifically strolling into my Chemistry class about fifteen minutes after lunch, only for my teacher to ask me if I was “running on Hawaiian time” as I tried to sneak in from the side.  It honestly didn’t matter if I was an hour late or there right when the bell rang – I was already so hopelessly lost in that class that no amount of time spent could have ever caught me back up to where the rest of my classmates were at.  I was doomed to fail, but thankfully, I learned just enough to get a passing grade.

If only that dude could see me now, realizing ON MY OWN that H2SO4 must be some sort of chemical compound!  Which it IS y’all…it refers to the ingredients that create sulfuric acid!  Look at me go!  One of these days, if I continue on this dedicated path of learning, I too might be smarter than a fifth grader!

But probably not.  And that’s okay!  All I really want to know about is what does/doesn’t sound good.

So does the name imply that H2SO4’s style of Electro music is Acid-House?  It might!  I’ll be completely real with ya, if there’s one thing I know/care about even less than Science, it’s sub-genres.  This coming from a guy that loves music in just about every one of’em under the sun too!  You call it whatever ya like and that’s gonna be just fine with me.  I can confirm that I do indeed dig the name H2SO4 though…not only is it unique and stands out like you’d want a name to, look at the rabbit-hole it sent me down this morning!  I like anything that makes me think on some level – and to reveal another BOLD TRUTH to ya, I really like what I hear in the seamlessly fluid structure of this single and the wildly vibrant sound it has.  The production is outstanding, the beat is wickedly tight, and the whole damn cut is extremely irresistible.  So hot it’s flammable y’all – consider yourselves warned.  Now push play anyway!

So don’t get it twisted and don’t get me wrong, “I was just speaking my mind” and giving you a fun story from my past to kick this review off…when it comes down to the fundamentals of does/doesn’t this song sound good, the answer is HELL YES IT DOES!  We’re talkin’ about seriously dynamic stuff for the Electro side of your playlists…H2SO4 supplies one supremely badass jam to listen to, and I’m certainly here for it.  “Outsiders” (BassBears Mix) is fully loaded with that radiant neon vibe you can feel, with a beat that’s guaranteed to satisfy & get you up outta your seat to bust some moves.  All-in-all, you can hear there is genuine professionalism and precision to be found at the heart of this track…the attention to detail in this track is apparent from the lefts to the rights, and it really feels like nothing has been left out of this experience.  You’ve got the insatiable beat, the brilliantly robust definition in the low-end groove, the cleverness of the Electro additions on the surface to enhance the melody, and a structure that perfectly uses its dynamics to deliver premier entertainment.  I really dig what H2SO4 has got goin’ on…it reminds me a lot of Basement Jaxx from back in the day, and I thought the way “Outsiders” (BassBears Mix) uses vocals to add another dimension to this Electro vibe was a smart way to attract even more attention to this tune.  Would it have been successful without that aspect?  Sure!  That’s merely a testament to how well-assembled this whole party song truly is…but if you’re asking me if I thought it was a good idea to add the vocals they did into the mix here, my answer is definitely yes.  Dude actually sounds a lot like the guy that used to sing for King Cobb Steelie, to use another reference that was popular decades ago.

Which isn’t to imply that H2SO4 ain’t relevant for the right here & now – of course they are!  This Electro ensemble consisting of the talents of Graham Cupples and James Butler is creating a style of sound that has never really gotten old, and I highly suspect that it never will.  You can’t deny the fresh energy you hear in a track like “Outsiders” (BassBears Mix) and the way it so quickly works its magic on ya – you put a single like this one on, and believe me when I tell ya, they’ve got you feelin’ the vibe within seconds.

Or better yet – don’t believe me at all, push play, and find out for yourself whether or not I speaks the truth y’all.  I haven’t lied to ya in a decade, so it seems like it would be a weird time for me to start now.  Whether you dig on Basement Jaxx, Chemical Brothers, Pete Tong, or your favorite DJ at the club on a Friday night, chances are, H2SO4 has put together something in “Outsiders” (BassBears Mix) that you’re really gonna enjoy.  It’s worthy of turning UP, it’s worthy of repeating…they’ve got a quality single here.

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