Ghene Fox – “No Prize”

 Ghene Fox – “No Prize”

“No Prize,” you say?

According to what we see & what we hear on artist Ghene Fox’s new single/video, she’s earned a top spot at the podium.  Y’all can keep the prizes…she’s got true value that should earn her a gold medal.

And given that you regular readers know I don’t mince words here on these pages of ours, take it to heart – Fox is the gold medal standard yo…not just in her music, but in her personal character as well.  How do I know, you ask?  I don’t know her…”No Prize” is actually my introduction and first impression of her if I’m being completely honest with ya…but these ears on my face…they work good…and I listen.  If you’re paying attention to Ghene’s words on her new single, you can hear that she’s turned what could have been tragedy into triumph…pain, confusion, and sadness, into strengths and stellar music to vibe to.  Highly relatable, “No Prize” digs deep into the ending of a relationship and closing of one chapter; and ultimately, you’ll find it goes on to be much more than meets the eye with what Ghene’s sayin’ to us all.  I’ll put it to you this way…contrast is one of the most engaging tools that an artist has in their ability to use, and it can show up in a variety of ways…some more obvious than the others, so let me spell out exactly what’s up here in this particular single.  Think of it like this…what Fox is singing about is being entirely undervalued…that at one point in time, she was considered to be “No Prize” by someone she felt like she loved…and consequently, you can imagine the effect that had on her own self-worth – at least, for the moment.  But you see dear readers, dear friends…this is where the magic really occurs and why contrast is so effective, even when it’s unexpected…follow along with me, but this is what I mean…

Again I say, “No Prize?”  How about ALL the prizes.  Ghene might be singing about a point in time where she felt like she was broken – but LISTEN to the amount of confidence she brings to this moment as she sings & hits the bars of this song will ya?  She’s as professional as it gets, she’s got still for literal miles, and she sounds spectacular!  “No Prize?”  C’mon now folks…you get where I’m going with this?  Ghene is showin’ & tellin’ ya every reason visually & audibly as to why she is THE prize of all prizes; there’s no man or person out there that’s gonna break her spirit or her determination to succeed – and the very fact that this single has been made is complete proof of that to be true.  It’s not only wonderfully cathartic to make a song like this for the healing process, but with how flawless, confident, and perfect this whole cut came out, it also serves as a warning shot to the world & a reminder that there isn’t ANYTHING that can keep Fox down.  You break her heart – look what happens – she turns it into music and entertainment that people can connect to and it scores her a single-worthy song in the process.  I don’t know about you, but to me that’s every indication that Ghene Fox is a warrior supreme and built to handle her business in any scenario that comes her way.  I love hearing moments in an artist’s career like you’ll hear from Fox on “No Prize” – it speaks volumes on behalf of her talent for sure with the jazzy, soulful, and immaculately stylistic voice she’s rockin’ with, but this song also speaks just as much about the real strength of the person behind the music & the mic…and I’m tellin’ ya, she’s 100% bulletproof.

My point is, whatever she’s been through, she’s not only gotten over it, she’s turned it into positives for her career, and the very fact that she was able to write & perform this song so perfectly proves she’s come out stronger on the other side of it all, you feel me?  She should be seriously proud of a rebound in the other direction to the nth degree…based on everything she’s said throughout “No Prize,” she could have taken this whole situation of life/love and disappeared – but instead, she’s risen to all-new heights as she surges forward into the best years of her career to-date.

If there’s something outta line here, I sure ain’t hearin’ it – Ghene Fox has got the vibe & she’s got the talent to go with it…her stunning vocals and organic charisma will grab ya & keep your attention locked right onto the main star of the show, and the smooth slyness of the bass-lines are sure to hit the mark & keep ya comin’ right back to “No Prize” time & again.  There’s honestly not much more that can be said here – Ghene’s got an undeniably single-worthy song, a stellar video to support it, and a confident style & sound of her own that’s bound to resonate with the hearts, minds, and souls out there listening.  “No Prize” is the official lead-single from her upcoming Debra Jean EP – and Ghene’s got big plans to keep the momentum goin’ & the music flowin’ with videos being released to support the entire lineup of five tracks.  Lots of greatness on display from her here in this first impression from Fox already – and it sounds like there’s much more to come right around the corner…she might have felt like she was “No Prize” at one time in her life, but if she keeps the quality coming like this, those harsh memories are gonna fade real quick as she takes the top spot on a whole bunch of charts & playlists around the globe out there, believe it.

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