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SBS: Gerald Milton – thanks so much for taking some time to talk music with us brother! I’ll help bring us all up to the current with what I know…you’re a sound-engineer, recording artist and entrepreneur from Lagos, Nigeria… What got you to the point that you’re at in your music/career – did you study professionally…did you learn it all DIY…really Gerald…what’s the actual story behind what’s brought you to music in the first place?

GM:  I grew Up in Lagos, Nigeria. Growing Up with My Brothers I listed to a lot of Rap/Hiphop Songs After sometime, I started writing Poems. Before I knew what was up. Boom!!! It became part of me. I decide to try it Out Myself. The Rest is History!

SBS: As far as I can tell from what I’m reading & researching online Gerald, you also reference your music to be a part of the ‘Afro Hip-Hop’ genre…which goes on to explain it as a blend of Hip-Hop and Afro Beats. Now…normally I try not to dwell on genre-related questions too much – but since yours are fairly unique to our pages here at sleepingbagstudios…I figured I’d dig into this a little bit more. Our readers are of course well-versed in Hip-Hop I’m sure…but the ‘afro’ part…well…only so many people out there really dig into music enough to know about the impact, influence and sheer amount of it there truly is out there. So as best you can…maybe put a definitive-stamp on what ‘Afro Hip-Hop’ is really all about…what it sounds like, what instruments it incorporates and how your own music relates to the genre.

GM: ‘Afro Hip-Hop’ is a blend of Hip-Hop and Afro Beats. We all know what Hip-hop is Right? lol Whew! For the AfroBeats…. Afrobeat is a combination of traditional jazz,music highlife, funk, and chanted vocals, fused with percussion and vocal styles, popularised in Africa in the 1970s. It was named by Nigerian multi-instrumentalist and bandleader Fela Kuti, who is responsible for the creation of the style and spreading the genre outside of Ghana.

SBS: Since we’re on the subject…as far as the recording sessions for the Gerald Milton EP are concerned and knowing that you already went into this with a ton of engineering-experience…was there anything new for you to learn in the process this time around that will come in handy for you when recording in the future? What obstacles have you faced with making the new EP and how have you and your team at Slam Entertainment worked your way around them to bring it all to life?

GM: The Gerald Milton EP Experience has been fantastic, It has taken me back to be Extremely Creative with Ideas and also Original with My Content. The Team Has Been Working Smart to ensure the wait is going to be Worthwhile.

SBS: Being a word-guy myself…I also noticed that in your online bio it mentions your latest single “Rap Since” was also produced by “Tony Ross” – which I thought was a little odd due to the quotations…I mean, that implies he might go by a whole other name entirely…or that he’s a part of the mob…or that maybe you call him something else when the mics are off lol. I’m just giving you a hard-time… But tell us about the REAL “Tony Ross” though…what was he able to bring to the recording session that you hadn’t thought of or couldn’t have achieved on your own and how did you end up working together?

GM: hahaha, Tony Ross is an Actual Person. Like For Real. Lol. I had listened to his previous works from other Artistes on the Internet and I decided to hit him Up! He Produces the Kind of Sounds I Dig. We Got to the Studio, Kicked it Off and Boom!!! History was Made.

SBS: As far as the production/engineering/recording & all-that’s concerned with the new EP on the studio-side of life…how much did you have a hand in Gerald? Sometimes it can be a good thing to hand-off our own music to another producer, despite the experience we might have…usually the results are different than what we’d tend to come up with ourselves and quite often a great thing overall. That being said…no one out there truly knows what we’re going for from our thoughts to the record better than the artist themselves as they create their vision…so sometimes that DIY and hands-on approach can be the greatest thing to happen to an artist & their career as well. How did all this work for the Gerald Milton EP and what’s your opinion overall when it comes to handling your own music…do you prefer to do the mix yourself or have you found you’d prefer to have others assist with the final mix & production of your own music?

GM: True That! You’ve Just Said it all. I am free Spirited and Love to Work with others when it comes to making My Music or Creating a Unique Sound. Actually, I Mainly handled the Song Writing and the Direction of Sounds Created for the Gerald Milton EP.

SBS: When it comes to the Hip-Hop part of the ‘Afro Hip-Hop’ – what would you say is important to you on a lyrical-level Gerald? What’s important for you to say…and how important is ‘how’ you say it? Know what I mean? Words are one thing…but they often need the right emphasis, movement or moment to really pack the weight of their intentions in any given song. So who lets you know when the vocal-flow, delivery and performance came out 100%…or is that something only you can judge? How do you know when the songs you first create are as good as they can be and ready to roll-out?

GM: Lyrically is About the Metaphors’ and Your Delivery. Everything has to be On Point. And Lastly, You gotta be as audible as Possible.

SBS: XYZ directed the killer-video for “Rap Since” – and quite honestly brother, that video is rad, rad, rad! Loved it. Love the colours, love the song, love the commitment and the performance…it’s all there in this song my brother…definitely single-worthy. This video is HOT stuff though as far as an editing-eye like my own is concerned…there are some extremely rad ideas, wicked effects and complex-cuts and chops that bring this track to LIFE visually my friend! So…I wanna know from you direct…because I think it’s a lot different when you’re filming something to looking at the final-cut; tell us about seeing this come back to you for the first time on video – that must have been an incredibly inspiring moment. Where did you find XYZ? You should keep that number on file yo!

GM: I met XYZ through the Producer of Rap Since. He was recommended by “Tony Ross”. It was one Hell of an Experience. So Many things, So Many Memories. Lights, Camera, Action and we made the Magic!!!

SBS: What else can we look forward to from the upcoming Gerald Milton EP? Plans for another single/video combination to come out from the recording – or are you heading straight into another project? What up! If we as fans are to use “Rap Since” as a kind of benchmark for the rest of what we’d hear on the EP…would you say it’s similar or should we be expecting something completely different from this particular song? What makes the EP a versatile one – and in contrast, what keeps it all cohesive and truly a part of the overall vibe that you’re looking to make?

GM: The Gerald Milton EP is Going to be about Experimenting with Differents Sounds, from: Hip-hop, Afro Hip-hop, Afrobeats and Trap Music. A single/video combination Might come out before the “EP” Drops or The “EP” Drops First and Couple Of Videos to Support.

SBS: It all has to start somewhere. What you’ve started here with the Gerald Milton EP is sure to continue on into a long career filled with music and packed-venues full of enthusiastic fans. And of course…like any incredible artist out there, your music will change, grow and evolve over time. From where it’s all started here Gerald…where might you take it next? What in your skillset still has room to grow, change and evolve…or what would you like to learn in order to incorporate that new sound/skill into your music?

GM: Everyday, I keep learning, the only Time I Stop Learning is when I eventually die. So Yes! I’d Say generally, there’s Still Work to Be Done.

SBS: You’ve put up with a TON Gerald! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us here at sleepingbagstudios and the online-world beyond. Take a moment here at the end to shout out your websites online where we can find you, and mention anything else you would have liked to have mentioned during the interview in our tradition final-spot, the SBS ‘Open-Floor.’ Say anything you’d like to my friend – the floor is yours. Thanks again Gerald!

GM: Shout Out to sleepingbagstudios For the Interview!

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