Geedomane – “Helped My Heart”

 Geedomane – “Helped My Heart”

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Working with slick sound & fresh modern-day vibes, Geedomane puts digital soul into the vocals of his latest single, “Helped My Heart.”  Diving deep into a personal tale of the struggles of life & love – the main star of the show gives a gripping performance that makes the power & weight of the scenario & the emotions involved come alive – both from the speakers and onscreen as well in the brand-new video for “Helped My Heart.”  CHECK this vid out y’all – the man is crushin’ it with a wicked set of visuals and effects in the mix & scenes that hit the mark to match the gritty darkness of the whole vibe Geedomane is workin’ with.  Seriously awesome stuff happening onscreen to back up Geedomane in his new single – from digitally editing him sitting on top of the Union Bank building, to the scenes in the underground elevator, to the multiple Geedomanes appearing at once, to the overall killer way the effects & transitions work with the music & overall vibe – “Helped My Heart” makes the kind of visual impact you want in a video; this is highly memorable.  And while the track might lean towards a fully serious, low-end driven sound…dude’s still making time for a bit of fun with like, fireballs ripping through the screen and like, a whole rewind-effect goin’ on towards the final moments of the video as well…solid entertainment all around from Geedomane on “Helped My Heart” – check it out for yourself below!

“Helped My Heart” comes from Geedomane’s Vanquish EP, which is out & available now!  Find out more and hit him up on the Gram right here:

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