Francis MH – “Hurt” Featuring Ray Rackz

 Francis MH – “Hurt” Featuring Ray Rackz

A fresh cut from his brand-new mixtape called Too Freaky, Too Soon, Francis MH has enlisted the talents of Ray Rackz to lend an assist to one of the record’s lead-singles, “Hurt.”  Featuring not only a guest-star in this collaboration, but also an expert mix on the music from Mike Slick – you’ll discover that being “Hurt” sure don’t usually sound or feel as good as this track does – Francis MH has got these hooks shined-up and ready to grab your attention.  Solid rhythm & flow on the vocals, a remarkably chill beat to set it all off – everything comes together just like it should on “Hurt,” complete with video to support it on a visual level.  Catchy cut…ain’t no doubt about it, these hooks are strong; whether or not you memorize the words quickly or not, you’ll be making an attempt to hit these bars on “Hurt” instantly, it’s got a vibe you can feel & a rhythm that’s bound to be stuck in your head for days & days to follow.  And that always tells ya that you’re listening to a single-worthy cut, does it not?  You know it does.  Check this out for yourself and turn up for “Hurt” by Francis MH featuring Ray Rackz below!

We’ll be talking about Francis MH more on the upcoming episode of SBS Live This Week and spinning the video for “Hurt” featuring Ray Rackz as well when we drop that – so make sure to keep your eyes peeled on the homepage here for that to happen – soon!

For now, make sure to find out more about Francis MH at his official spot on The Gram right here:

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