First Fish In Space – “Halfway To The Stars”

 First Fish In Space – “Halfway To The Stars”

First Fish In Space – “Halfway To The Stars” – Music Video Post

Okay…so…first and foremost – these guys have got one of the best band names out there right?

I really dig what I’m hearing in First Fish In Space…this song “Halfway To The Stars” reveals the a high degree of a dreamer’s perspective and a freakin’ great sound shared between the players in their band.  Unified stuff, with real heart in it all, you know what I’m saying?  First Fish In Space plays like a band that has found their purpose & adds authentic passion into their music in ways that every one of us can hear.

I’ve always been a firm believer that music has an uncanny way of finding us when we really need it – and no lie, I genuinely needed a song with beautiful intentions, perspective, and the positive messages you’ll find within the lyricism of “Halfway To The Stars” right now – so thank YOU First Fish In Space!  Combined with the remarkably empowered vibe they’ve got running through their instrumentation, and the stellar video they’ve got put together to support their latest tune – they’ve definitely got a single to be mighty proud of here from sight to sound.  All-in-all, looks like First Fish In Space had quite the resurgence throughout the course of last year, reappearing with a whole series of new singles in 2021 that continued the adventure they started back with their debut album All Hell Breaks Loose five years ago.  The world could certainly use a whole lot more of a band like this right now – First Fish In Space has a fantastic attitude, and it’s something you can hear in the way they play in addition to what’s being sung.  “Halfway To The Stars” is an inspiring song all-around, whether it’s listening to the way they play it, seeing the professionalism they’ve put into the video, the messages contained within their lyrical imagery, or the sincerity of their sentiment – everything stacks up to a significant win here for First Fish In Space and confirms this band is swimming itself upstream towards better tomorrows to share with us.

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