Felix New – “Smiling”

 Felix New – “Smiling”

This emcee/versatile new artist has got a perfectly chill sound on his latest single/video called “Smiling” – Felix New has an immaculately relevant & timeless style working in his favor and revealing his strengths as a thought-provoking entertainer that puts his heart & soul into his rhymes & into his music.  It’s a solid debut…this is where it all starts for Felix New, right here, right now…and it only takes a quick spin through this track to realize he has ended up right where he belongs…that he’s got a valid perspective, great hooks & mellow melodies, and a fresh view of music & life that will certainly resonate with many of you out there.  Start your day off “Smiling” with Felix New – it’s good for ya!

Find out more about Felix New at his official Facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/TheFelixNew

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