Fans Of Jimmy Century – “Best Of My Generation”

 Fans Of Jimmy Century – “Best Of My Generation”

Back your punk ass up!

That’s probably advice & words to live by – you’re not ready for the endless creativity, imagination, wild sound, and straight-up fun this duo provides!  They sure picked a good home to host their new video that’s for sure – the guy writing these words you’re reading has a Hunter S. Thompson tattoo on his right arm – so to see Victor James dressed as the infamous man himself from the Fear & Loathing era, pretty much had me instantly hooked when watching this video right off the bat (country).  There is…honestly…SO MUCH effort put into this video and SO MUCH fun being had that it’s impossible not to notice or appreciate what they’ve pulled off here – the music sounds wicked and Alicia Perrone sounds vibrant, punchy, powerful, and confident with her vocals, bringing her A-game to a beat that truly deserved it.  Explosive stuff all-around!  Rad to listen to, just as rad to watch – make sure to stick around past the five-minute mark where the song ends and join in on the extra fun they provide ya with through the behind-the-scenes & making-of footage – Fans Of Jimmy Century keep the entertainment coming long after the song is over & you don’t wanna miss out on it.  So don’t!  Do the right thing and click on “Best Of My Generation” by Fans Of Jimmy Century below!

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