FAM – “Almost”

 FAM – “Almost”

They see you makin’ cake they bring out all the knives.”  #truth

FAM (Kevin) has got himself a solid single that hits home with “Almost” – I’m lovin’ the addictive hooks he’s put into the chorus of this cut.  Written in tribute to his fallen brother and finding triumph over his subsequent battle with depression – FAM has connected to the fact that the best way to honor those that we love that have passed, is to get out there and live the best life we can live every damn day, doin’ everything we love to the best of our abilities.  As a result of being so close to the subject & theme of “Almost,” you get an exceptional performance from FAM that sounds genuinely inspired…dude’s got a stellar & slick flow that puts authentic verbal swagger right there in the spotlight for ya – and combined with the moving video he’s put together to support this single, the man’s covered this cut from all angles & locked it down tight.  I highly dig this…I think the beat that FAM is working with supplies the perfect vibe & dynamics for the words he’s written, and I felt like the main star of the show attacked the mic with all the right energy, hittin’ his bars with precision, and singing out the hooks of the chorus with everything he’s got to reveal the sincerity you wanna hear.

Find more music & videos by FAM at his official channel at YouTube here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrBJpQRv7jhToJaB8-V9M-g

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