ETH – “Fly With Me”

 ETH – “Fly With Me”

I can personally think of at least a thousand people out there I’ve run into that would love this song – and just think of how many more of you are out there around the world!  There’s definitely a massive audience out there always waiting for a new artist/producer like ETH to come along with something mesmerizing, soulful, and special like you’ll find this single truly is – it’s just rare that it happens is all.

If you tuned into the most recent episode of the SBS Podcast, you learned about what I was able to find out about ETH, and of course, you already had a chance to hear “Fly With Me.”  Chances are, you also heard me ranting about how I’ve been sitting here listening to this song on repeat, happily lost inside of the cloud visuals that come with the video supporting this single, watching them float back & forth for what seemed like days on end without being disturbed.  That’s the thing with “Fly With Me” – it’s so remarkably chilled-out and welcoming, that you’ll hang out listening to it for several spins and still never want it to end when you finally have to get up to go do something else!  ETH has a genuinely enchanting song on his hands with “Fly With Me” & delivers on an atmosphere you’ll want to purely envelop you.

On the SBS Podcast, I did my best to fill in a few blanks for ya and get you a little more info on ETH and what this talented dude has goin’ on out there in the world…and…I did pretty good if I do say so myself!  The only thing I wasn’t entirely sure about, was just how French our friend here was at the time, but since the show has aired, I believe I’ve pinned him down more precisely now – he’s a lot French, coming directly from France if I’m not mistaken!  I also pointed out on our show, that you could visibly see the love and support coming in for ETH’s decisive move to make music his career through his social-media pages…which from what I can tell, took place somewhere around mid-2020.  And while I’m sure 2021 will be another year filled with great decisions made by ALL of you out there (right?) – if you hadn’t heard this news about ETH and are just discovering this guy now like we have been, believe me, this will be one of the best pieces of musical news we can drop on ya this year.  Making music is exactly where ETH belongs; a single with the balanced strengths & supremely sincere sound of “Fly With Me” proves it.

What I can tell ya for sure is this: ETH has a superior ear for production than most out there by quite a large margin.  In each of his available singles at Spotify, from “Red Roses,” to this single here “Fly With Me,” and his most recent 2021 release “Dark Love” featuring a collaboration with King Marino – every cut displays a deep understanding of how dynamic depth in sound genuinely matters, and crystal clarity that’s second to none.  ETH is one of those producers capable of bringing a smile to your face just by listening, no matter how serious or dramatic the vibe becomes, simply because the sound itself is so relentlessly pleasurable to experience through his perspective on how to audibly entertain us all through slick production and structures that keep us completely engaged & at full attention from start to finish.

In my humble estimation, it’d be severely tough to not either like or love what he’s come up with on “Fly With Me,” and all indications point to ETH embracing the momentum of his passion to fuel a year filled with music here in 2021 & long beyond.  Now that he’s immersed in the art & craft of doing what he loves, and so clearly demonstrated that a lifetime making music is what he both wants & was BORN to pursue – ETH’s journey might still be at the very beginning, but he’s already well on his way to turning his dreams into his daily reality, and authentically sounding fully pro in the process.  “Fly With Me” is outstanding & exceptional in all the right ways – you couldn’t listen to this song and not be impressed with the stunning attention to detail and spectacularly soulful & spellbinding style ETH is working with here.  Brilliantly using the layers of vocals to his advantage, you’ll find that even though “Fly With Me” only has one line of actual lyrics, the resulting combination of the two singers leaves you wanting nothing more than exactly what they give ya – they’re 100% perfection.  A song that represents the dreamer in ETH in a really grounded way that invites us all in to join him on this new adventure & journey he’s embarking on – “Fly With Me” is a stellar gateway into this skillful artist’s music, and a verifiable sign that his imaginative & creative mind will definitely take him places.

Chances are, quite likely, those places reside at the top of many playlists & charts around the globe.  Keep your eyes & ears on what ETH is up to – this guy’s onto something authentically special, and he’s just getting started; if he keeps the quality like this up, he’ll be swimming in the mainstream in no time.

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