ETAN – “Hang On To Me”

 ETAN – “Hang On To Me”

ETAN – “Hang On To Me” – Music Video Post

To me, none of this fake – reality is the mistake.”  #LoveIsGreatAintIt?

No question whatsoever about the future ahead for this fantastic artist based outta Tel Aviv here – ETAN has not only got the vibe, but she’s got herself a single here that’s every bit as insightful as it is entertaining.  Dealing directly with the concepts of infatuation within the relationships we share…how we can so often absorb one half of the personalities involved, if not outright consume them altogether on a path towards the love we think we want – leaving one half essentially disappearing right in front of the other’s eyes, slowly, day by day.  A feeling & idea no better captured than you’ll hear directly through the yearning plea of the chorus/title – when ETAN sings “Hang On To Me” you feel that want, that desire…that hope that the reason she was loved in the first place, always remains entirely present.

There’s nothing not to love about ETAN, that much I can tell ya for certain when it comes to her sensational performance on “Hang On To Me” – and I WILL hang on to this artist, thank you very much!  I imagine I won’t be alone in feeling that way – this single has it all from the music that creates this aura of dreamy, bold, and colorfully expressive sound, to the stunning vocals of ETAN & her vividly evocative & thought-provoking lyricism – not only does she sound seriously incredible throughout this whole song from start to finish, but you very well might find her words to be way more relatable than you realized when you first started listening.  Many of us have taken a dive down the rabbit-hole of a relationship only to find out we’ve gone too far…and sometimes we realize we haven’t gone quite far enough too – the balance of life/love & not losing yourself in the one you adore can be an endless challenge – “I can live in my reflection when I look into your eyes…” sings ETAN…pausing for a brilliant moment of personal reflection before following it up with “…that’s just fine.”  With layered imagery in her video and kaleidoscopic visuals to help mimic & echo the meanings of her words as she comes & goes on screen, disappearing before our eyes or stepping right into the spotlight at any given moment – the assessment of a song like this ain’t nearly as tough of a conclusion to make as the emotional journey she’s had to ride in order to create it – there’s no confusion in what our ears hear – ETAN knocked this right outta the park, 100%.  She’s got soul, she’s got style, and perhaps above all things, she’s got the genuine gift of sincerity in her sound, which makes this moment unforgettable, unique, and real for everyone listening.

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