El Yuc – “Mi-Temps”

 El Yuc – “Mi-Temps”

Here’s what I can tell ya about what’s goin’ on with El Yuc…

…like…before we even crack into his latest single, let’s give this artist & fellow Canadian a serious shout-out for having his entire world organized AF.  For real…as a guy that ends up scanning websites all day long for information & links & whatnot…you can see right from El Yuc’s website that he’s 100% serious when it comes to his career, and clearly he’s ready to make some big moves in 2020 with “Mi-Temps.”  Dude’s website looks absolutely killer on a visual level…everything’s right there, organized, easy to click – I know it seems like these might be small details, but they all show the effort is being put in sincerely.

All that being said, it’s confession time.  As a lifelong Canadian, I know about maybe two words of French…perhaps even less at this point in my life.  Embarrassing, I know, I know.  El Yuc originally came from Haiti before eventually settling in Quebec…and clearly this man is more than well-versed in the French language…especially compared to a guy like me!  So while I have to profess that I don’t know much about what’s actually being said throughout “Mi-Temps” content-wise, and I’m always honest about that – thankfully the universal language of music has always connected me to songs of all kinds from around the globe.  I’m still a big believer in the fact that, if you’re doin’ it right, language barriers don’t actually exist at all, and the music being made can translate in one way or the other to listeners all over the world, no matter where they are.  El Yuc gets all that I’m sure…in fact, as far as I’ve read into this artist, he certainly sounds ready to take on the mainstream from the outside & unafraid to reinvent what people think they might know about Hip-Hop and show them just how real it can be right at the grassroots.  You don’t need the big-machine of the industry backing ya to make a killer song or a memorable record – all you really need is the courage to get in the ring and do your thing, know what I mean?  El Yuc isn’t even remotely intimidated to be offering something alternative to what’s out there right now – and it’s that kind of mix of artistic integrity and conviction that’s gonna see this guy continue to surge over the years to come.  Because the rhythm & flow…the confidence & precision…the stylistic art of the rhyme – all that’s intact and translates perfectly…you can feel the real bounce at the core of this track & the passion that that El Yuc brings to his ideas and bars.  Sometimes he’s amped right up when the energy calls for it, and at others, delivers a slick slow intensity that shows the man is locked right in to this moment and feelin’ the vibe.  Musically, “Mi-Temps” keeps a solid beat rockin’ throughout this cut to give El Yuc a springboard to bounce his words off of – and you’ll notice when the main drums get taken away, that the man can confidently carry the weight on his shoulders and his rhymes on-point when it comes to his metering, pace, and flow.  Even at his most low-key, El Yuc maintains a gripping demeanor on the m-i-c that keeps you listening & right there with him as he shifts his energy into addictive vibes & good times.

And can we talk about this video for just a second or two here?  C’mon y’all – this is 100% rad to watch.  What an awesome pairing to support “Mi-Temps” on a visual level; again, I have no idea how it might all fit in thematically, nor do I necessarily think that’s a crucial part of any video – I just know what I dig watching and this is certainly that!  “Mi-Temps” has a wickedly gritty look & vibe to its dank scenes with blinking lights, flooded-out hallways, and sparks flying everywhere…and if you’re paying close attention you’ll see how the music is also reacting with the video through the sound-waves that alter the movement of the scenes and brings a visual bounce that works brilliantly with the music.  For real y’all – this looks completely awesome and it feels like you’re in a whole other kind of underground vibe as you watch the video & listen to “Mi-Temps” – the incredible detail & colorization in every scene keeps your eyes on every moment.  Definitely a song/video combo that grabs your attention – and ain’t that what puttin’ out a single is all about?

Find out more about El Yuc from the official pages below!

Official Website:  https://www.elyuc.co

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/yucca_m.t

Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/yucca-martinoli/sets/1er-test

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/4bcsdHRwP5cG5O1mhwwBLm

Multi-link:  https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/elyuc/lalbum-des-clichs-2

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