Echoglass – “Driving”

 Echoglass – “Driving”

Echoglass – “Driving” – Single Review

Oooo!  Can’t hear any reasons as to why you’re not gonna love this single right here.

It never ceases to amaze me that even with how much music I listen to and how many artists & bands I end up stumbling across in the process, just how many more there are that slip through the cracks along the way.  I listen to a song like “Driving” by Echoglass here, and the initial thought that crosses my mind is the pure wonder of how on earth this is my first experience with their music if they’ve been rockin’ since 2016?  This is the kind of project that should not just go unnoticed…nor will it now that I’m finally on the case…Echoglass has a gorgeous sound goin’ on throughout this new single – it’s a flawless gem.

So even if it’s just from this tiny corner of the internet I’m lucky enough to be able to share with you all, let it be said as crystal clear & plain as day as possible – Echoglass is that special rarity you’re looking for.

Here’s where I’m at.  First of all, I wanna congratulate both DA McKenna and Fritz for how truly active they have remained throughout the course of their existence as Echoglass – from what I can tell, they haven’t missed a single year since they began to drop their music online.  Mainly singles for the most part, which the exception of 2019 & the release of the Hard EP – which brings me to my next point – where’s the rest Echoglass?  Don’t get me wrong – this resume is impressive and clearly the work ethic is there…but it is definitely time to keep those feet of theirs pressed firmly on the gas pedal and moving this band of theirs forward – what I’m saying is, there’s still room to grow in terms of their current output, even as steady as its been.  Somewhere deep down inside them, I highly suspect they know this.  Somewhere deep down inside me, I hear my cue to jump in over the top ropes here from the sidelines and get in the game to provide some of that encouragement & reinforcement they likely need from all of us listening.  What I’m saying folks…is that within a single solitary spin through “Driving,” you’ll feel exactly how I feel about Echoglass, and know that these two artists were absolutely born to make music.  I listen to “Driving” and I’m like…”mannnnnn – that’s not just good – that’s quit your jobs and quit your whatever else besides making music type-awesome.”  So again – I’m here to say it as direct as a person can possibly say it – Echoglass has got the magic, and if you don’t believe me, just push play so they can confirm that for ya.  “Driving” isn’t just a good song folks…it’s easily one of the best you’ll hear in 2021.

I cannot express what an incredibly memorable impact Echoglass makes with this song – and you’re audibly spoiled for choice when it comes to what you might consider to be this cut’s most standout element.  The music is perfectly played in a remarkably subtle but sparkling way that’s perfectly suited for Fritz’s bold & beautiful vocals to work their smooth, soulful, and soothing magic on ya – and production-wise, you can’t beat how this song is mixed so expertly to get the maximum out of every detail you hear from the music to the microphone.  Stunning.  Truly.  I know I tend to type a lot in the reviews I write, but I genuinely feel lost for words to describe just how amazing this song really is, and how special this UK-based band undeniably IS…”Driving” should be all the confirmation any set of ears out there would need to know that Echoglass has got something uniquely different that the rest just don’t.  And like I said…if I was them…I’d take a moment to look at this as objectively as possible – the only limitations we have are the ones we place on ourselves dear readers, dear friends – and if this duo wants to make this music thing their full-time career, as far as I can tell, that success they’re looking for is right there on the horizon, and the sky ain’t even the limit for their potential.  From the poetic imagery in the words, to the emotional punch they pack in the weight behind every syllable so brilliantly supplied by Fritz, while the music keeps the beat as melodic, jazzy, and tight surrounding her – “Driving” is a spellbinding master-class on how to get sincerity in sound across in all the right ways.

Absolutely everything is in the right place – it’s 100% stunning.

You get pulled right into this moment in time, and willingly I might add – loving this song, and this band, is easy.

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