Dutty Devioso – Precipice

 Dutty Devioso – Precipice

Dutty Devioso – Precipice – Album Review

I can tell you this much…straight off the drop, I knew I was in for something spectacular here on Dutty Devioso’s new record Precipice just by listening to “Praise The Lord & Pass The Ammo” as the album started up.  Like…lemme just give you a sample of the level of thought-provoking knowledge bombs this emcee is capable of creating…because instantly, you can tell that when Dutty dials right in to a concept, his lyrics are off-the-charts incredible when it comes to describing the thoughts he wants to lay down.  Check it – in “Praise The Lord & Pass The Ammo,” after paying respect to some of the fallen from he’ll rap these important words out for ya:  “All I hear is black lives matter, but everybody don’t agree.  Then they say all lives matter, but that’s the same shit to me!  Yo, when you say ‘all’ don’t you include the black ones too?  Well some don’t consider none, unless them black one’s blue.”  Socially relevant and as straight-up as it gets…Dutty don’t beat around the point, and he makes that much clear right from this very first cut.  There’s more insight added into this one track in less than two-minutes than you’ll find on the majority of all records out there…and I found myself agreeing with every single word being spit & sampled on this initial cut.  Not only would I go on to be completely impressed by the finesse this guy puts into the bars and how strong this first impression of “Praise The Lord & Pass The Ammo” was – I’d quickly discover that the recipe for success was seriously no fluke of any kind…not that you’d even think that it was after hearing the quality of the music & precision flow of this opening cut.  But systematically, track after track from the first one on, Dutty Devioso proves himself to be one of the BEST mic-hustlers in the game right now from Rap to Hip-Hop & everything in between.  I have…literally…lost count at just how many supremely money lines I’ve heard him spit throughout this record…this…this GEM of the independent scene’s 2019 we’re calling Precipice…I feel like I get it after listening…this man’s standing on the verge of greatness & busting-out into the worldwide scene as a household name, guaranteed.  From the samples to the beat, the lyrics to the killer flow that Dutty puts on display right from moment one on “Praise The Lord & Pass The Ammo,” I knew I’d be listening to one of the real highlights of 2019.

Like, c’mon people – if you don’t feel like all this is confirmed by the second track “EZ” then you’re listening with the wrong holes on your body.  Looks like he gets an assist from Rep on the mic on the second set of bars on “EZ” – dude does a quality job on the m-i-c, as does the main star of the show, who brings it just as hard to the hooks he’s created here – these hit the mark, big-time.  “I’m hungry – I eat the plate” MIGHT have been one of my favorite lines of the year, had I not heard just about a five hundred others throughout the course of listening to Precipice that could compete for those honors.  What a BEAT though y’all!  Your ears will be just as hungry for “EZ” as Dutty is for the mic – the bounce & snap of this cut with the low-end vibes infused with the atmospheric & bright melody on the surface – these emcees keep the ingredients of the music minimalist here, but highly effective.  Both Rep and Dutty make impressive moves on the mic you’ll remember…a lot of this entire record will come down to just how clearly interested & invested every performance is on Precipice.  Rep sets the guest-star standard way up high with the first of several collabos on this record coming out shining from beginning to end – ultimately, I think I’d be taking a hard look at putting “EZ” out there as a single from Precipice to be the gateway into this record…that’s a massively accessible vibe that you just know people will dig.

“Relax, Relate, Repent” takes the vibe into more serious terrain, going into a personally introspective track that has Dutty looking internally for the answers & relating the experiences he’s had.  And not necessarily the pretty ones either, you feelin’ me?  “Relax, Relate, Repent” gets gritty with it as Dutty searches for answers within himself, the life around him, and the man upstairs.  Listen to the gripping tone of his voice as he shifts into the bold hooks of the chorus, listen to the stylistic way he glides through the verses and how that leads you to take in every single word of this cut.  What I love about this track really has a lot to do with the strength & beef that gets added into the delivery on the vocals – I mean…that’s PRESENCE on the mic you can feel right there is what that is; plus, as always, Devioso’s put together an wickedly creative set of lyrics to describe his thoughts…it all has that spark you wanna hear coming from your speakers.  You get a TON of insight into what’s shaped Dutty into the man he is today – but you really can hear the ‘repent’ part of where he’s at now in life too; he’s made mistakes from his own life to the lives of those around him, including family…and he’s genuinely pleading hard for forgiveness here.  It sounds powerfully sincere and real…it’s not like he doesn’t realize & recognize he’s gotta move on, and he IS – he’s “just trying to take a second to reflect on my youth” and where he’s come from to be where he’s at today – he’s “a product of the game” and just trying to find his way.  He’s stumbled along that path…tracks like “Relax, Relate, Repent” reveal just how human Dutty is; also how determined he is to make good on his future by recognizing he could have done better with his past.

But what’s that?  It’s a bit more style, more flair, more flash you’re after?  Don’t you worry one bit – Dutty’s got you covered – “Is It Just Me?” comes out flexing rhythm & rhymes from the lefts to the rights, amping-up the vibe by brightening up the energy, pace, and sound of the music surrounding him.  For real though…what, we’re on track FOUR right now?  Notice how professional and perfect each and every move this emcee has made so far and how completely flawless this is?  “Is It Just Me?” contains that personality, character, and charisma listeners freakin’ crave 24/7 – the way that Dutty gets so close-up to deliver the hooks of the chorus is 100% awesomeness…it’s the kind of tiny detail in performance/production that makes a huge difference to the whole experience when we listen to it.  In answer to his question…no…it’s not.  I’ve got five legal moms and three dads from various marriages & divorces in my family growin’ up – I can tell ya firsthand, we’re all goin’ through something out there and that it ain’t just you Dutty…and that’s what makes tracks like “Is It Just Me?” so excellent.  It’s kind of like the thought-process we all have internally…we’ve been through a lot of what Dutty’s rappin’ about here, or at least, many of us have.  You’ll find that he’s created quite a few cuts on Precipice that offer up a genuine level of comfort & solace through real experience and the courage to spit it out there.

“Never Looking Back” – there ain’t no doubt homies, Dutty was born to move the game forward.  He’s “just like Usain Bolt when I’m running on the track” – and that’s #truth y’all – the focus applied from Devioso is all the proof you need that this dude could compete with the best of the best out there right now.  “Never Looking Back” probably shifts this record into a more…let’s say eyebrow-raising ‘did he just say what I think he said’ territory…and believe me, yes, he probably DID say what you think he said.  This cut is equally solid as the rest though, make no mistake – he’s wild’n’out with the themes & imagery in the lyrics and having just as much fun as he is dedicating himself to the art of being a wordsmith – but you’ll find a ton here that pays serious homage to the true spirit of Hip-Hop and hooks that can’t be denied yet again.  Gotta admire that about Dutty…whether it’s straight-up bars or the hooks surrounding them, this guy is capable of seriously extraordinary results that never let your speakers down.  He’s looking ahead here to great times both in between the sheets with your girl and outside of’em too – “Never Looking Back” works incredible hooks in the chorus, brilliant lyrics that flex both seriousness in the craft with some humor sprinkled up in there for ya too.  “And you gets nothin’ – Nathan – Nathaniel” – it’s a savage world homies…I ain’t gonna lie to ya Dutty, I’m stealin’ this line to use in my own daily life for the next time someone steps up to cross me – appreciate you bruh!

Examining life/love and relationships long over, “After The Rain” dives deep into the personal – and I feel like you get a better glimpse into the real heart of the main man on the mic through this tune.  He’s human…he’ll tell ya as much through the down-to-earth words he’s written into “After The Rain,” and realistic, objective, and real about the struggle of trying to make love work throughout his lyrics.  “After The Rain” is written in the aftermath of course…this relationship Dutty’s detailing here is long over – but what he’ll also go on to explain through his words, is that there’s still plenty worth living for on the other side of it all.  Dude’s got such an impressive way with words…that’s the facts here homies…you might not expect the man to dive into such personal feelings, thoughts, and emotions – but that’s where you gotta recognize this for exactly what it is – real recognize real, as we all say.  Dutty’s unafraid to tell you EXACTLY how it is…the good, the bad, the everything in between – “After The Rain” speaks to just how deep he’ll go…it’s a boldly personal tune, no doubt about it.  The assist from J. Levant to bring the hopeful tones to the chorus was another great move…the vocals absolutely suit the vibe, bringing in just enough melancholy to suit the song, but with grace and a comforting sound that lets you know it’s all gonna be OK, “After The Rain.”  You know…just another one of a hundred moves made on Precipice that hits the mark 100% – talent attracts talent, I’ve said that here a million times on these pages and collaborations as high caliber & consistent as you’ll find on this record completely prove that’s the truth.

“DV Is The IV.”  THIS.  Like, if you want a full-on LIST of the reasons as to why you want to be puttin’ Dutty on your playlist as opposed to ANY of the rest out there, he’s gonna serve you with that throughout this cut.  With an assist from his homie Xtra, the entertainment factor is turned up to eleven with the pulse of this vibe and punch these hooks carry.  For real though – listen to his words – real recognize real – “whatever happened to them dudes that’s spittin’ the soul-food?” – amen brother.  Dutty takes a hard look at the industry, what it is & what it isn’t – but more importantly, audibly proves that he’s got the solution you’re looking for, right here, right now, flowing through your speakers y’all.  This is what it’s truly all about though y’all – the words on this cut are beyond incredible – and spit with the confidence and determined grit in Dutty’s vocals…I mean c’mon people, what else could you possibly WANT from this man?  He brings it hard to “DV Is The IV” and gets a wicked turn on the m-i-c from guest-star Xtra as well – the energy on this cut shared between them brings out one of the most charged-up & electrifying beats to Precipice – Dutty’s fired-up on this track & that’s exactly what the words needed from him here in order to make’em all ring true to you out there listening.  Awesome.

“Think About It” will go on to deliver some of the most socially-relevant & thought-provoking lyrics you’ll find on a record that’s filled with’em.  Guest-stars Odd Zo on the bars and Antonia Marquee in the hazy vibes of the hooks – they both crush their parts and live-up to the insanely high-standards set previously on Precipice; by this point of the record, it’s more than clear the quality ain’t ever gonna drop on ya.  If you don’t relate somehow to what Dutty and Odd Zo are laying down on the mic here on “Think About It” then I want to switch places with YOU for a day – hell, we ALL would – because he’s boldly pointing out an insightful amount of wack shit in our world & a whole lot of the daily social injustices many of us endure – things you SHOULD be aware of.  Facts are, so many people out there aren’t – and songs like this one are still all too necessary if we’re gonna get this rock we’re on evolved to the point where things really make some damn sense to us all.  I dig that Dutty’s used his platform on Precipice with such good intentions on so many of these songs…I mean, ultimately they’re all good intentioned tunes, whether it’s to supply ya with some knowledge or a beat to turn up, he’s supplyin’ ya with entertainment for sure, but don’t be surprised when you learn a couple things too along the way.  Antonia Marquee does an excellent job of creating a real dreamy sound to the hooks of the chorus, beckoning you to consider the words being laid down and to “Think About It” with a smooth approach to her vocals that’ll send you adrift into your thoughts.

“Camoflauge Broads” has gotta be one of the more savage cuts you’ll hear this year without question.  As far as hooks go, this is straight-up outstanding, full-stop – that’s seriously unique and a real moment in time that delivers so much swagger & style to your speakers that it’ll blow your mind.  The amount of like…hmmm…I’m just gonna say it like it is here – the amount of EFFORT and ART and UNIQUENESS in this cut’s composition is astounding…almost surprising to hear it end up being used for somewhat similar terrain in Rap music thematically…but still, Dutty’s gonna do whatever he does better than the rest.  I’m all about cuts done RIGHT – and along with his homie Ant up on this track, “Camoflauge Broads” comes out swinging stronger stylistically in ways that’ll drop your jaw.  LISTEN to the way that Dutty raps this one – his tone of voice, pace, and precision…it’s straight-up deadly and full of mischievous sound…you can tell he’s up to no good on this tune and happy to be so.  I can’t say I blame him whatsoever…whether you agree with the words or not, admire the rhymes y’all – these two emcees pivot & shift off this beat with expert precision to deliver professional entertainment.  Personally, I can’t get over just how well this cut is designed from beginning to end…I really think that it’s one of the most unique tracks you’ll find on Precipice, even if he’s revisiting some classic themes on “Camoflauge Broads.”  Like, once you figure out what the words are in the chorus of this cut…and you find yourself singing this out loud long after the music’s stopped spinning…I’ll admit, it makes ya feel a lil’ strange for a moment.  But then you just explain to your wife or your significant other that it’s not THEM you’re singing about, just a killer cut you heard from Precipice by Dutty Devioso…and life’s back to normal.

Taking a moment for some self-reflection on “Man In The Mirror,” he questions points of his life from the past and dreams out loud about the life he’s looking to live from here on in the future.  Ultimately, a track like “Man In The Mirror” is one that we can all relate to – that’s the face we ALL have to justify ourselves to, each and every morning.  You might let some people down in life…and they may or may not ever even know – but that face you’re staring back at in the mirror always knows what you’ve been up to, what you’ve done, what you’re capable of – and what you’re damn-well doin’ about it all.  If y’ain’t using your talent & potential to the fullest, you gotta look yourself in the eye every day!  And then what?  You gonna lie to yourself?  How’s that gonna work?  Dutty knows this – and that’s exactly why the man is going after it all as hard as he is right now, pumping out music of immaculate quality with all the attention to detail you’re looking for from the lefts to the rights.  Xtra lends soulful tones to the hooks of the chorus & backing vocals throughout “Man In The Mirror” – it’s a highly-introspective tune, but it’s definitely one that I’d imagine just about every one of us out there can relate to in some way, shape, or form.  Ultimately it’s one of the main keys as to why this whole record connects as strongly as it does…it’s impressive just how personal these songs can be, yet how universal too.

Call yourself a monster?  My shit even scarier.  Call a pallbearer, ‘cause I bury ya.”  I already told ya – I could quote from Dutty’s record ALL DAY LONG folks…Precipice is freakin’ magnificent – and it’s because the balance between the strengths of the beats, lyrics, vocals, and guest-stars on this record never lets up.  “Go Dumb” is more of a cutthroat party-track…an anthem of sorts…a call to leave it all out there, embrace your inner-freak and “Go Dumb” wherever ya are – you feel me?  It’s the shortest cut on the record outside of the very first track, but you’ll hear Dutty make the most out of every second on “Go Dumb” – he’s lightin’ up the mic with personality here.  You can hear the inspiration that drives this tune…it’s even referenced in the chorus if you’re paying close attention; whether it’s aimed-at or complementing Eminem’s first LP, you can hear a similarly wild gear possess the spirit of our main man on the mic here.  Dude even coughs and puff-puff-passes his way on IN to this track – you know Dutty’s ready to amp-up the energy and wildness here…complete with a theatrical beat & chorus of voices backing him up, he springs right off the beat of “Go Dumb,” transitioning his flow fluidly as he shifts gears multiple times within this short timeframe to deliver on maximum entertainment for your ears.

“Shirt Off My Back” is a massive highlight in my opinion.  Look…Dutty’s solid in whatever gear he feels like flexin’ – that’s just facts – but I’d fully argue that the more serious he gets, the better the results have been.  Dude’s got jokes when he wants to go that route – but moments like “Shirt Off My Back” where the heaviness of thought & emotion take over, he stays true to himself the most, expressing what’s really on his mind without any kind of masking it behind humor in the slightest.  It’s all about the conviction in his voice & words combined…when you hear the gritty way he spits out the chorus of “Shirt Off My Back,” it’s at times like this where you can literally feel that he means every word he says.  Considering the altruistic nature of the intentions and the kind sentiment inside of the words – it’s that gripping tone of voice that brings the intensity to what would otherwise come out sounding pretty friendly – it IS all about what he’s willing to do to help people out – but it’s the awesome way Dutty spits this track that tells you it’s actually important to him to live his life this way.  Musically & beat-wise, I’m pretty confident in saying this was my favorite track on the record – lyrically, it competes with the best of the best on Precipice too for how real this experience becomes – but admire the vibe y’all, it’s the beat & atmosphere that have really brought Dutty into the headspace & mindset that fuels this song.

Flexing multiple languages and pouring intensity into the mic, Dutty comes out large & in-charge on “Luvin Me To Def” – and it’s like…I mean, we’re what, on song thirteen now?  He’s never let up on the focus or commitment to every second of this record, and you can hear from the inspired energy and gripping tone of voice he applies to “Luvin Me To Def” that he’s still just as invested here in the late-stages of Precipice.  Dude makes love sound serious that’s for sure…damn near threatening at points!  Definitely a whole vibe to this atmosphere that both floats and creates a whole lot of drama in the air at the same time – and both Dutty and featured guest Jigg end up using this to their advantage as they flex finesse on the mic.  Probably a bit less focused thematically in comparison to the majority of the tracks you’ll find on Precipice, but certainly no less entertaining…”Luvin Me To Def” doesn’t necessarily pin itself to one specific subject so much as it allows these emcees to shine a spotlight on what they’re capable of verbally.  Definitely nothing wrong with that…and there are certainly threads that’ll tie it enough together for ya…it’s only by comparison to the rest of this record that you feel “Luvin Me To Def” might end up taking a couple more spins to make its impact on the people out there listening.  Performance-wise, it’s every bit as solid as every other cut you’ll hear & props to both Dutty and Jigg for making that the case – I think there’s a complexity & weight to “Luvin Me To Def” that’s going to make it a tougher sell to the masses on those first few spins, but I’d imagine they’ll come back to this and appreciate what it brings to Precipice’s final third, if only to provide a springboard for the brightened-up melody in the song to follow.  Point is, “Luvin Me To Def” serves the record in its own unique ways.

“Let Me Know” is another solid dive into a personal tale of life & love and the struggle to keep all that on course…which we all know, ain’t easy to say the least.  J. Levant comes in to lend her talents to the hooks for the second time, perhaps even more impressive than the last time on “After The Rain” – maybe.  It’s honestly hard to pick favorites from this record with the quality between all songs & performances being so perfectly doled out to us…she’s got a great voice and brings a ton of soul to the sound of “Let Me Know.”  He’s got regrets, he’s got thoughts on how it could have been or what he could have changed – that’s kind of how that situation post-love goes…you know it & I know it – we all know it.  Tracks like “Let Me Know” reveal a real down-to-earth humanity in this superhuman emcee that I think a ton of listeners out there will completely appreciate.  You gotta recognize, Dutty could be writing about anything at all – the fact that he’s choosing to dig deep into such personal, raw, and revealing tales born from his own experiences speaks to how he’s willing to leave it all out there on the mic & in his music.  He’s not holding anything back anymore – you can hear that concept pop-up thematically throughout this whole record…songs like “Let Me Know” prove that to be true – and perhaps more importantly, they allow us to get to know Devioso on a level we can sincerely connect to.

My motto this year is I’ma let’em hang” – if he’s rappin’ about what I think he’s rappin’ about on “This One 4” (And like I told ya earlier, he probably DID say what you’re thinkin’ he said) – then that’s just a straight-up genius line right there is what that is.  We’re talkin’ NUTS OUT here right Dutty?  That what we’re gettin’ at with what you’re sayin’ there homie?  Yes?  I’m all about it – take over 2019 bruh!  The Rap/Hip-Hop game NEEDS ya…I don’t know if they know just how much yet, but I’d imagine after they hear the talent & finesse applied to every second of Precipice, they’ll definitely come to understand.  I absolutely felt like we got the best out of Xtra on the hooks & backing-up Devioso on “This One 4” – he did a solid job earlier on by bringing depth to the emotion on “Man In The Mirror,” but he really gets a chance to shine even brighter on this second appearance.  Such a solid & REAL Hip-Hop vibe with this record…massively impressed by the way each of these collaborations have come out so spectacular in sound, so fresh, so inspired…Xtra does a fantastic job of taking these hooks to a place where you can genuinely feel’em.  Tight beat, awesome bass-lines and smart elements in the music along the way; it’s more than likely the hooks & performances you’re going to walk away remembering most from “This One 4” – but I have zero doubt that listeners out there will have no problem turning this cut way up for any/all reasons under the sun – definitely another single-worthy sound you’ll find on Precipice here.

Ain’t no heaven for the person that I used to be.”  What a powerful line.  For real y’all – if that doesn’t speak to just how much Dutty has evolved and grown as a man…how he’s able to look at life objectively now, realize he made mistakes…and how he’s able to take those lessons that he’s learned and use that experience to guide him now in life.  I think it takes a tremendous amount of strength to make all the changes he clearly has, which he’s detailed throughout a lot of the lyricism on Precipice…but here on the final track “Already Alright” you really feel the gravity of just how much those changes have made an impact on him.  It’s a perfect conclusion to what’s been an entire record stocked full of songs that give you real insight into the man behind the music and what’s made him who he is today.  J. Levant comes in to provide the hooks on her final performance, bringing in that soulful sound of her voice that’s served this record so well throughout her three appearances.  Devioso ends this album with the confidence he started it with…the consistency of Precipice is wall-to-wall excellent, full-on gripping, and straight-up relentlessly entertaining from moment one to the final moments with “Already Alright” at the end.  Dutty’s more than an emcee to just keep on your radar – he’s one that truly belongs on all the best-of lists at the end of this year – the effort on Precipice, attention to detail, flawless performances, brilliant lyrics, innovative beats, impressive ideas, and killer collaborations radiate next-level entertainment.

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Official Website – http://www.duttydevioso.com

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