Dubb Zero – “King Zero”

 Dubb Zero – “King Zero”

Absolute FIRE – Dubb Zero is settin’ it off this summer & bringin’ the heat to your speakers with his latest single/video for “King Zero,” set to blaze his way to the top of the charts & playlists out there where talent like his truly belongs.  LISTEN to the mastery of the m-i-c will ya?  Dubb Zero is clearly at the top of his game right now without question – he’s owning these beats & bars with supreme confidence that’s fully justified by the wickedly stylistic & slick flow he puts into his every word.  The man knows his music and there ain’t no doubt about it – he’s executing on a massively professional level that reveals he’s miles ahead of the rest and has that serious connection to his material that makes all the difference in the world – Dubb Zero’s got a way with words and he’s fully motivated to use his gift to grind his way into speakers & screens worldwide.  Respect the hustle y’all – Dubb Zero’s out to straight-up “P. Diddy the city” yo – and from the gritty tone in his voice, it sounds like it’s best we all get outta his way to let him do his thang – you feel me?  The man’s got verifiable skills and the X-factor it takes to make music that makes a highly memorable impact and entertainment spring to life through your speakers, no two ways about it.  One thing is beyond certain…and that’s the fact that he sure is makin’ life in quarantine look DAMN GOOD onscreen in the video for “King Zero” – if that’s what life in lockdown is like for Dubb Zero right now, I’d trade places with him any day if he’s up for the switch, I’m just sayin’ – Dubb Zero is the real-deal with a huge future in front of him – check out the video for his single “King Zero” for yourself below!

Find Dubb Zero’s title-track “King Zero” from the album of the same name, right here at Apple Music:


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