Dreamkillers – “Bad Juju”

 Dreamkillers – “Bad Juju”


Ready to let it rip with their own brand of Hard-Rock/Grunge/Alt/Metal mayhem & mischief – Brisbane Australia’s Dreamkillers combine controversial & shocking imagery with gritty & intense sound on their latest single/video, “Bad Juju.”

You might think you’ve taken some strange elevator rides in your lifetime…but I’m pretty sure that Les, Zoob, Matt, and Steve from Dreamkillers have a story that can one-up that experience, no matter how bizarre you think that moment in time might have been – this trip they’re on in “Bad Juju” is likely much, much stranger.  What constitutes “Bad Juju” you ask?  Believe me…you’ll see it all onscreen – Dreamkillers held nothing back in creating a polarizing video that contains all kinds of desolate & grim scenes onscreen…yet at the same time, as horrific as any of it may be, not only can you not turn away, but you end up having to acknowledge at some point along the way, that everything you’ll see is something we’ve helped create or destroy or neglect or brutalize on this planet.  Believe it or not, it’s actually the beastly behemoths of Brisbane ROCK that brighten this video up just enough through their personality onscreen while stuck in the elevator with the big man.  Dude’s got the creepiest & most kickass mask, like, ever…and he’s definitely a huge part of what makes this video stand out – WAKE YOURSELF UP wherever you are by turning up “Bad Juju” loud’n’proud – check it out for yourself and have a listen to & look at what Dreamkillers bring to music through their own twisted perspective & sound.

Find out more about Dreamkillers from their official page at Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/TheDreamkillersOfficial

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