Doris Dumah – “Only You Are God”

 Doris Dumah – “Only You Are God”

Doris Dumah – “Only You Are God” – Single Review

Last I checked, Sunday has always been a good day to put out a little faith-based music online for ya.

Let’s be real here…whether you’re a religious person or you’re not, having a single spin through Doris Dumah’s “Only You Are God” should make an incredible impression on everyone listening.  This fine lady has certainly got the spirit y’all!  You’ll rarely experience such an extraordinary voice out there in any style of music out there…Doris has such a tremendous combination of passion and skill that she really leaves us with no choice but to believe that she’s truly been blessed through divine intervention.  At the very least, you can tell from listening to “Only You Are God” that she’s definitely found her calling in life.

As many of you regular readers know, I’m not a religious person myself, though I was indeed raised that way – and I’m still proud of that, even if it’s more in theory now than actual practice.  Through the church, my grandma helped instill great values within me that I still cherish to this very day…I’m polite, I’m respectful, I treat others how I’d like to be treated, and so on.  I also feel very strongly about religion and music being one of my favorite topics overall, and I’ve felt that way for as long as I can remember.  It’s a genre that I’ve long said needs more champions than we typically understand it to have as listeners outside of the faith-based community…deep down, there’s a wealth of talent out there that should be recognized by the mainstream more than it has been.  Doris Dumah is complete proof of how exciting and inspiring the genre can be, and I encourage you all to have a listen to “Only You Are God,” whether you’re religious or not.  Honestly, one of the best tests of faith-based tunes is to find out if it can hold up with people outside of worship services…and I feel like Dumah is going to have no problem at all wowing folks from all walks of life with this latest single of hers.  You can’t simply dismiss incredible talent based solely on what we do or don’t believe – you gotta give credit where credit is due, and she deserves a lot.  I was genuinely in awe of seeing the video for “Only You Are God” and how much joy Doris has when she sings – it’s something we can absolutely hear in her voice, but it was such a pleasure to see how real it is too.  It’s to the point where I don’t think anyone out there listening or watching could miss the sincerity that she brings to every second; she’s a true believer and wears that on her sleeve for all to see.  Doris has no reservations about being loud & proud with her faith, and it makes a massive difference in what we hear, because the results of her astounding conviction produce a song that we can all connect to in some way, shape, or form.  If you’re part of the faith-based community, I know you’ll love what you hear for sure – but for those of you outside of it, I’d be willing to bet you’ll be mighty surprised by Dumas and how much you enjoy “Only You Are God.”  What a remarkable voice!  She’s got the personality to match.

If you check out her official channel on YouTube, you’ll even find a ‘making-of’ special on “Only You Are God” presented by Rockanation as well, which I also recommend checking out if you enjoy the song.  You’ll learn lots of facts about her, like how she’s currently working on her second album, after her first called Grateful…you’ll learn that she’s happily married as well…and of course, you’ll get a glimpse of the recording process right there in the studio.  What I absolutely loved about the behind the scenes footage is that you also get to meet producer Nathan Florocka Akiremi from Rockanation Nation Studios and see how he’s played a significant role in getting the very best out of Doris on her latest single.  I think a lot of people out there listening, myself included, hear a sensational voice like Dumah has and simply assume that she could roll out of bed and sing at her maximum capabilities, because she sounds that naturally awesome when we hear her voice in the official recording.  The behind the scenes footage was a reminder that even the best of the best need guidance at times, but perhaps even more importantly, the best of the best actually listen to the advice they’re given and know how to work with it.  Nathan makes a lot of great points along the way, and like the professional performer she is, Doris takes the information and runs with it.  At the end of the day, the results we hear speak volumes on behalf of the kind of teamwork any artist would dream to be a part of…there’s a lot of tough love in the recording session we see, but to be completely truthful with ya, it’s the kind that artists/bands truly need to have and so very rarely get.  Too many producers out there are simply willing to take things at face value, while simultaneously knowing there’s a better performance they could get if they were to just coach it out of the artists/bands they work with.  Nathan shows the right way to do it – he clearly believes in Dumah’s talent like anyone would, but is also unafraid to push her to be at her best as well.  Even putting a video like this behind the scenes special out there will empower so many other artists in the studio to listen to the advice of professionals, because what you hear on “Only You Are God” is exactly that – professional.  From the very start, right through to the end, Doris shines as bright as she should be thanks to great communication, and a team that wants to see her succeed in all that she does.

The music is spot-on, the backing vocals are spectacular, and Doris is a serious force to be reckoned with – she’s gifted beyond words, and that’s crystal clear to anyone out there listening.  With “Only You Are God” being about three years old at this point in time, I think the biggest criticism any of us could have is that she’s got the world waiting on new tunes…talent like this shouldn’t be sitting on the shelf m’lady – it’s time to get back on into the studio and finishing up that next highly anticipated album for all to hear.  It’s definitely a pleasure to listen to Dumah sing, I can certainly attest to that personally – and even as a person outside of the faith-based community, I am completely looking forward to hearing more of her music, anytime.  I’m an endless fan of commitment, conviction, passion, and purpose – Doris has every one of these ingredients, and combined with her faith, she has you believing in every word she sings.

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