Don Welch – “End Of Days”

 Don Welch – “End Of Days”

People…you’re not even close to ready for this guy!  Don Welch brings an EXPLOSIVE energy to his new single & video – from the studio to the screen, I can tell you firsthand that this emcee just made a massive fan out of yours-truly, and he’s got the grit, determination, talent & flow that is going to make YOU one too.  Combining Outlaw-Country vibes and character into a bombastic & wild new approach to the Rap genre – for reals…if you’re out there holding the mic right now, you best look over your shoulder because this rapper is ready to BRING IT to every second.  The talent of Don on the mic is undeniable, the beat from Sharpside is killer, the video directed by Jason B is straight-up FIRE – “End Of Days” shows that Don Welch has the innovative approach & confidence to take his music right to the top of the charts and change the game entirely.  Prove it to yourself and get ready to turn this right the hell UP – this is one of the most exciting new sounds out there right now, no doubt about it.  Check out Don Welch’s new single/video for “End Of Days” below!

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