Domyon – “Two Floor Loft”

 Domyon – “Two Floor Loft”

This guy gets it.  It’s all about personality, character, style, swag…they call this emcee Dirty Dom and he’s about to give you a sample of exactly why that is on his latest single/video for “Two Floor Loft” from his record Meows 2: WMW.  Dude’s clearly not afraid to get all-kinds of crazy with his music – the strong, haunting vibe on this cut will stick to your bones, and the rhymes from this emcee come out fully-loaded on hot bars that move at a slow-burning & deadly pace with rad effects along the way as you listen.  Video is wild as well – like I said, Domyon clearly gets what it takes to stand out from the rest of what’s already out there.  Check out his intense & eerie new video for “Two Floor Loft” below and get yourself an idea of what the man brings to the mic!

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