Doc STRANGE – “Busyness”

 Doc STRANGE – “Busyness”

Doc STRANGE – “Busyness” – Music Video Post

“Let’s get down to busyness” – yessir!  I’m all about it.

The man’s got himself a catchy single-worthy cut here, no doubt – and from everything I’ve read, heard, and seen – Doc STRANGE is quite the legendary figure rising up out there in our music-scene.  Dude’s workin’ with a sound that’s born straight outta the real roots of Hip Hop and that solid Boom Bap style – “I am not waiting to get blessed – I will just get it myself” – PREACH THE GOOD WORD sir!  You better believe it too – you’ll see from the slick look of his video for “Busyness” & the fact that he’s out there on the water on a boat with bottles poppin’ & beautiful ladies all around him…I mean, I’d say he’s already GOT IT ALL, wouldn’t you?  Whatever blessing might be coming is already plenty late according to what you’ll see & hear – Doc STRANGE is “stacking up bread til I’m owning myself” according to the man direct on “Busyness.”  I’m inclined to buy into what he’s sellin’ us here y’all…you’ll wanna invest your attention here too – the man’s confident for justifiable reasons, and perhaps the best news of all is that he’s more than willing to impart his wisdom with all of YOU out there, aiming to inspire y’all to level-up yourselves.

I am the real” – he ain’t wrong.  Doc STRANGE gets down to “Busyness” on the daily – clearly!  The sample at the beginning of the cut will give you a real clue as to WHY you wanna be listening to this guy – if you can’t spend the length of time it takes to get from point-A to point-B on this short two-minute plus cut and absorb some knowledge – “you deserve to be broke!” as the financial advice laid out at the start of this track will tell ya.  Doc STRANGE is comin’ at this whole music-thang completely the right way, he’s owning his business with “Busyness” – you feel me?  Not only does the man flex a serious amount of skill that can’t be denied, he’s got the kind of next-level personality that stands out, and he’s obviously LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF HIS LIFE – y’all realize how enticing that truly is to experience, yes?  How many times have I said to you all on these pages of ours – the more YOU are into the music YOU make, the more WE will be in return – and I cannot express just how much Doc STRANGE is living proof of that bein’ the straight truth to the nth degree.  From intricate bars, to his larger than life persona, his verbal charisma, and the fact that he’s having such non-stop FUN at the same time as being completely professional, focused, and right on-point from the lefts to the rights – Doc STRANGE empowers and inspires OTHERS by the work he’s puttin’ in and the relentlessly addictive vibes he’s pumpin’ out in the process.  What’s not to love here?  “Busyness” is brilliantly written, has a perfect beat to support the man in action, a star of the show that’s got just as much finesse on the m-i-c as he has business acumen – he’s making the moves that stack up to longevity & success, all guaranteed to take him straight to #1.

Expertly produced by Tahiti – “Busyness” comes direct from the brand-new Doc STRANGE album called Business Is My Only Pleasure – it’s out & available NOW – find out more through the official links below!






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