Dmitry Chaplin – “You And I”

 Dmitry Chaplin – “You And I”

With a beautiful slice of audible melancholy and haunting melody combined, artist Dmitry Chaplin has released a mesmerizing & captivating new cut called “You And I” this year, and notably, this time around he’s gone acoustic!  A quick tour into the catalog of Chaplin tunes out there online will quickly confirm that this dude is usually amplifiers-up-to-eleven, rockin’ savage doses of searing sonic riffs that bend hard towards Metal/Alt/Heavy-Rock sound – and to hear the man make such a distinct switch in style to the delicate vibes on “You And I” is full proof that it’s always worth it to explore all avenues of your talent & creativity like Dmitry’s doing here.  Because this sounds freakin’ fantastic…it’s got a mysterious & curious atmosphere & movement to the vocals & structural design in the flow the music, and you’ll notice it’s also got a wonderfully expressive, poetic influence on the lyricism that’s loaded with emotional imagery & powerfully moving words.  Sure it’s super sad – it’s not gonna be the happiest song you’ll hear this year – but it might be one of the most perfectly played moments in time that you’ll find in 2020 from any artist or band out there. “You And I” is a flawless gem, and speaks strongly on behalf of his versatility as an artist/musician, as well as a stellar songwriter all-around; he’s made a very smart move in revealing this softer-side of his sound to the world – check out Dmitry Chaplin’s new single for yourself below!

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