DJ Crillo – “Slip N’ Slide” Featuring Jocelyn Mathieu & OLC

 DJ Crillo – “Slip N’ Slide” Featuring Jocelyn Mathieu & OLC

DJ Crillo – “Slip N’ Slide” Featuring Jocelyn Mathieu & OLC – Single Review

As I grew up, I was the kid with his head stuck in the liner-notes while I listened to a record.  Chances are that’s fairly obvious with well over 2000+ reviews written by me personally at this site of ours – but the point is that it taught me to dig deeper into the artists & bands I listen to for more information, which I still to this very day, albeit mainly through the digital means of the internet now here in our modern world.  In the case of an artist like DJ Crillo for example, you can visually see that the man is averaging somewhere around a single a year and has kept that up for some time; he’s taken the occasional one off, but for the most part, since 2013, he’s had something shiny for your speakers to bump every 365.

And YES…that tells me something…doesn’t that tell you something?  If it doesn’t…then there ya go, that’s the difference between a lifetime spent rewinding my tape-deck as opposed to being out there partying like a normal kid.  What putting out one single tells me, visually, before even pushing play, is that if you’re gonna show up once a year…well…you’re not leaving yourself many places to hide, you feel me?  If you’re showing up just the one time inside of 365 days…chances are, you’re doin’ it right.  I’m not saying only put out one song a year and that this is the best method for all of you out there – no – what I’m saying is that no artist or band would even show up at all if they didn’t have that something special for ya.  DJ Crillo might not have something new for you more than once a year perhaps, but when the man comes around again, believe me, he’s got something well worth your time & the waiting.

What I’m tellin’ ya, is that DJ Crillo clearly takes whatever time is necessary to get the music he’s making as right as right can be – and when a cut is finally up to those high standards he’s set, that’s when we’ll hear it & not a minute beforehand.  As a person that ends up listening to all kinds of skill-levels, genres, styles, and sounds – my ears appreciate a dude like DJ Crillo that isn’t out waste a moment of anyone’s time.  This guy clearly makes music that he truly loves to listen to himself, and the results of his passion, interest, & investment in every moment, ends up providing the rest of us with cuts to turn straight UP.

Revisiting a highly-effective collaboration that yielded awesome results back in 2018 when we reviewed DJ Crillo’s single “Friday” – he gets a solid assist once again this time around on “Slip N’ Slide” from OLC & Jocelyn Mathieu on the mic.  These three together are pretty much unstoppable when it comes to creating enticing vibes – they’ve proven success in the past, and they’re here to do it for ya now in 2020 with the spectacular bounce & radiant vibes in their new single “Slip N’ Slide.”  A combination of old-school sounds built for the modern era, you’ll hear these three combined R&B, Hip-Hop, and the DJ’s magic from beginning to end, and the amount of flashy appeal you’ll discover starts immediately.  You’ll hear vocals that are strong enough to rival a Timberlake or two, you’ll hear rhymes as slick, clever, and sly as what you’d hear from an artist like Maestro Fresh Wes or Q-Tip…or if you really want a Canadian reference from yours truly right here, a crew like Organized Rhyme – and you’ll hear the relentless spark of the beat & samples spinning used to great effect in gettin’ the heads noddin’ along while they listen.

What they’ve got here in “Slip N’ Slide” is like the audible form of that platter you always order at that restaurant you love, where everything on the plate is something you’re ready to devour happily, 100%.  The balance between these artists works flawlessly in this collaboration once again, and in “Slip N’ Slide” they’ve genuinely created a summertime jam that a whole bunch of y’all out there are bound to dig on.  You won’t find any weak points…there weren’t any that I could find.  If anything, I felt like one of the chilled-out R&B hooks might have stood out a bit less than any one single ingredient or element from the music to the microphone – maybe; but if I’m being honest with ya, we’d be splitting the slightest of hairs at best – ultimately, there’s no denying how addictive they are & how much this song will stick inside your head.  Plus, there’s a whole army of OTHER hooks that you wouldn’t even remotely question.   The “kick it back & push it wide” hook was perfection…you can practically see the choreographed video that could potentially come along to support this single with its Jazzy beat & confidently crisp snaps creating that power dynamic for the real dancers out there to work their magic on the dance-floor. There really isn’t anything to complain about here; I’m not about to start creating something just to talk about if it doesn’t exist.  What you’ll hear on “Slip N’ Slide” is the sound of three artists doin’ their thang.

The mix is on, the production is sharp as ever, the vibes are relentlessly bright, soulful, and enticing – I think you’ve really gotta give this collaboration the credit they deserve for fully weaving together what’s essentially three completely different styles & sets of talents, tightly into one experience that somehow manages to share the spotlight perfectly.  These three obviously understand what YOU’RE hearing in the music they make together – and that’s a massive asset to making any collaboration reach their full potential; they each bring a core element & essential moments to their time on “Slip N’ Slide,” and as a result, they’ve got this single stocked & loaded with entertainment designed for all to enjoy.  You can hear DJ Crillo, Jocelyn, and OLC are all into this cut – and it’s because of that, you’ll find you’re right there with them for every moment as they flip the script, share the mic, and keep the high-quality sound flowing at ya at all times.  It’d be hard not to like or love “Slip N’ Slide” – so don’t be a hater…if you’re hatin’ on this single, it’d definitely say a lot more about you than it would about this collaborative crew.

Another job really well done and an approach to hybrid sound that’s literally filled to the brim with the nostalgic vibes so many people out there around the globe wanna hear to this day.  It’s rare to hear them all combined in one all-access pass like you’ll get in what DJ Crillo, Joceyln Mathieu, & OLC lay down on “Slip N’ Slide” – this is a one-stop shop for pure audio entertainment & summertime sound.

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