Dim Moria – “Killa”

 Dim Moria – “Killa”

Dim Moria – “Killa” – Music Video Post

Holy heck!  We encounter new projects from time to time here at our pages of course, but it’s rare that we get one SO NEW, that we end up posting on our Facebook page about’em even before they’ve made their own first post!  Dim Moria is just getting things going online – but from the looks of things in this debut video, things are off to a “Killa” start so far in this “abstract art” project.  Plus, to be fair, you can already find a few posts over at the Gram if you wanna learn more about Dim Moria online – link below!

Wickedly impressive y’all – if “Killa” is the kind of visual quality & vibe that you can expect to find from Dim Moria, there’s no doubt this whole thang catching on quickly, which you can already see evidence of right there in the numbers as tens of thousands of people are tuning in to find out what’s happening since the official release of this single only days before we’re posting about it!  The editing is as slick as the scenes of the video are if you ask me – Dim Moria’s rockin’ with cinematic quality to everything you’ll see, with all kinds of clever cuts, colorizations, and smart effects being used to make this first impression a highly memorable experience from sight to sound.  For real y’all – it takes a tremendous amount of skill to put a video like this together, and it’s awesome to see that the people out there far & wide across the internet are coming out to support stunning art like Dim Moria is creating.  Facebook posts can WAIT if this is what we’re getting in the meantime, you feel me?  Don’t disturb the creative process with social media BS if you’re coming out with cuts like “Killa!”  Take a page out of Dim Moria’s playbook, and produce quality content; it’s just like the ol’ saying goes – “if you build it, they will come.

Dim Moria’s taking the time to build things RIGHT, and because of that, the results are quickly coming in.

Find out more about Dim Moria from Instagram here:  https://www.instagram.com/harrymauritzzz

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