Dick Aven – “Fly Into The Fire”

 Dick Aven – “Fly Into The Fire”

Dick Aven – “Fly Into The Fire” – Single Review

Dick Aven is an American singer-songwriter, multi-genre saxophone player, multi-instrumentalist and…

Now that’s some kind of cliffhanger you’re leavin’ us on there Facebook!  Interesting bio Mr. Aven.

Don’t get me wrong though – this dude pretty much couldn’t have come my way at a better time if I’m being real with ya – I’ve been gettin’ right into the world of saxophone lately and checkin’ out all kinds of brass work that’s been moving the instrument forward in its evolution.  Bands like Too Many Zooz and Moon Hooch have been rockin’ my world lately…and of course, artists like this very chap right here, Dick Aven doin’ his thang.  Make no mistake – the Sax-man is the new Axe-man here in 2022 as far as my ears are concerned, so bring it on!  Let the saxophone revolution begin I say, and let our good friend Dick be a part of leadin’ the way.

I dig what he’s got goin’ on with the smooth & soulful vibes that are flowin’ through his single “Fly Into The Fire” – mainly because it’s causin’ me to crack a serious smile in imagining what my peers will come up with in trying to pin him down for some kind of comparison.  You could go back to the psych-70s and Motown just as much as you could point towards current-day Indie cuts…then there’s the stellar level of R&B/Soul in the mix to consider…the storytelling/folk tinge it has…the Supertramp-meets-Prince combo of sound that eventually reveals itself…if you can imagine such an extraordinary bridge in between.  All of this is accurate just as much as none of it is – you see what I’m saying?  Some tunes defy description; Dick gives you pieces here & there you could tag to something specific I suppose, but for the most part, he’s really found a wonderfully hybrid design to structure this song around, and the diverse versatility of “Fly Into The Fire” changes, transitions, and morphs its way along with seamless professionalism.  I fail to hear anything that I’d remotely criticize or recommend changing at all – I feel like Dick’s got himself a seriously quality tune from the ideas to the execution, performance to production.  The most you’re gonna find me conceding to ya is the fact that “Fly Into The Fire” is definitely on the outside of what you’d probably consider the majority of music to even BE these days…but as I always like to remind ya, there’s a whole internet’s worth of listeners out there and plenty of fans to go around.  Personally, I think Dick’s put in such a slick & stylistic performance in on the mic as he sings “Fly Into The Fire” that he’s bound to charm anyone into listening – the saxophone actually becomes the cherry on top instead.  Dude’s like part Barry Gibb and part Prince and all at once…however you might describe it yourself, let’s simply agree on the fact that Dick’s got his tone & energy on-point from start to finish, and puts in the kind of performance that naturally draws us in – the man’s got personality in his music and on the mic.

While it’s tough not to argue that the vocals don’t at least try to steal the show here…the saxophone does get a featured role throughout the majority of this tune too.  Drums are perfect, the bass is freakin’ immaculate…the keys lay out that perfect hint of melody…and whenever you hear the saxophone get its moment in the spotlight, it has no problem sparkling & shining in the mix whatsoever.  Do I wish that there was a bit MORE of a presence for it in this tune somehow?  Maybe.  I don’t feel like I’ve been left wanting…I think it’s just a reflection of how greedy my ears have been lately for the sound of the sax is all – can’t blame a guy for that, right?  “Fly Into The Fire” is a genuinely well-balanced tune when it comes right down to it…I wouldn’t say cautious of adding too much noticeable instrumental moments, but close to that feeling perhaps…Dick’s kept his eye on the accessibility factor, and broadened that out in an all-inclusive way that’ll reach a whole bunch of ears directly due to how he’s kept his focus on this cut sharp.  Memorable hooks for sure…memorable personality most of all…and music that’s smooth as smooth can be, while also being extremely creative, imaginative, and innovative in a highly accessible way.  Ultimately, that comes down to smart songwriting and solid know-how – Dick’s got plenty of both.

Find out more about Dick Aven from his official website at:  https://dickaven.com

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