DelliReeus – “Mind Games”

 DelliReeus – “Mind Games”

Sometimes a man needs to wander through the forest alone with just his thoughts & emotions yo.  #aintnojudgementshere

Artist DelliReeus clearly has a lot on his mind and a heaviness weighin’ on his heart – and this downbeat Trap cut gives the man the plenty of opportunity to get a few thangs off his chest.  Rhythmically taking his lyricism for a wild ride from bar to bar, DelliReeus puts emphasis in all the right places to make sure you notice & feel these words he’s spittin’ – and with the confident bounce & snap of his syllables, you can tell this performance-minded artist is in full-control, no matter how devasted or down he might seem for the moment throughout “Mind Games.”  Make no mistake – you can tell the man’s all-pro when it comes time to execute and push record – and all-in-all, he’s come out with a solid cut that’s got a highly relevant sound for what the people out there are looking for & listening to right now.  Stellar production via Bassmnt Boy makes the dynamic low-end of this track boom, thump, slap & sparkle, while DelliReeus lets you in on the inside of his mind and all the twists & turns of his tortured confusion in trying to make sense of all the feels involved.  Reflecting on what was & what could have been, the man proves he’s got zero problem burning the bridges down between himself and anyone out there looking to play “Mind Games” with him or mess with his heart as he pushes his way forward to the next-level of his career.  Best to not get in his way yo…lest you get your own track written about ya one day – check out the latest from DelliReeus below!

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