Deedub And KLB – “Pure Love”

 Deedub And KLB – “Pure Love”

Deedub And KLB – “Pure Love” – Single Review

Well! So there’s this…

Deedub and KLB have put together a good-time collaboration through their new single “Pure Love,” an infusion of reggae and rap that certainly depicts a lot of imagery that helps you imagine the fantastic life they must be living right now in their music career. So…with that being said…it MIGHT be better to imagine the song as you see it in your mind than it might be to use the visuals in the video to assist this particular song…I’m a little undecided on that part right now…

So we’ll talk about this song & single first…and get into that down the line a bit…

“Pure Love” has a genuinely great vibe to it…simple & sweet ukulele-chords alongside a well tracked drumbeat and synth-horn section to provide that reggae rhythm. KLB provides beautiful tones throughout the chorus which definitely contains that sing-along, warm & invitational feelings within. She brings perfection to her tone with a confident performance that plays well in the mix against the rap verse with its sweet contrasting, light & angelic sounds. Deedub puts great energy and passion into his rap…though I’ve gotta admit, following this guy’s train of thought can be a little challenging at times. Just saying…when taking a three-and-a-half minute time out to talk about examples of “Pure Love” and what that’s all about…well…do you take even five seconds to include a sushi-meal? You very well might…I could be completely off-base here; I don’t even eat fish, let alone raw ones…

The ultimate point being that there are some odd-choices to include in this list of loves and experiences…which leads me to the video for “Pure Love.” Because there’s this lyrical randomness under the overall umbrella topic of “Pure Love” I had to wonder how seriously this collaboration were taking themselves when it came to the video as well…so I had a peek. And NO – this didn’t help me in my assessment whatsoever! You can certainly tell the duo keeps a light-hearted & melodic vibe going through the songs…but was it all in seriousness – or were some of these references in jest?

The video for “Pure Love” almost comes out like an Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake combination for the music of The Lonely Island. You see what I’m saying? If you’re looking to take it all seriously…then that’s going to work against them being taken that way big time. If it’s meant to bring a smile to your face and make you chuckle a bit…then it works well. I certainly mean no disrespect of course…the song alone is an entertaining reason enough on its own to check it out.

But I’ll say this…the presentation of it all made it a little more difficult to accept the connection between these song-writers and the song itself. I mean…Deedub…sir! You are certainly over-dressed for the beach! I dig the sparkly-effects they’ve occasionally got on themselves and on the water…it’s almost like it’s filmed a little too well in a sense…some of it looks natural, some of almost looks like a green-screened substitute…our two artists in collaboration are right in the shot throughout the entire song and although you certainly can’t argue about the pleasant vibe they present…you do have to question the overall entertainment value on your time spent. It’s well-edited, but a little on the old-school end of our modern-day video era…but again, if that was the look they were intending, which it may very have been, and looking at it that way…they’ve nailed it.

And there you have it…some good music here overall from Deedub And KLB…I’d assume there’s even better to come from their future-selves as this project continues on and they get more confident & comfortable in their collaborative efforts. Certainly no reason to stop altogether from anything I can hear…it’s a great start…one I’d again assume is taking place early on in the years to come for this team-effort and I’m looking forward to hearing how they might shape, focus and evolve this sound over time.

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