Dead phone calls – “Revolution Day”

 Dead phone calls – “Revolution Day”

Dead phone calls – “Revolution Day” – Music Video Post

All the way from Prague to our Canadian-based pages here on the internet – you’re gonna dig on the murky electric vibes of Dead phone calls and this solid new single “Revolution Day.”  If your playlist is filled with bands that trip hard into that Post Punk-meets-Alternative sound like Interpol, She Wants Revenge, and The Editors – you’ll be more than stoked about what you hear in the music of “Revolution Day” for sure.  Armed with a video shot brilliantly in black & white throughout the district of Strahov, switching between live action scenes and animated reproductions of Strahov Square – this savage cut has just about every advantage you can think of to reach the audience out there that should hear & see it.  And rightly so!  Everything I’m hearing and seeing kicks a whole lotta ass – Dead phone calls has that dark, mysterious, and gripping style of slick & stylistic Alt/Rock that definitely gets turned UP over here.

While there’s no doubt that a track like “Revolution Day” explores a desolate spirit at times, at the core of it all, there’s an inspired and resilient spark that creates an uplifting experience in this song & video where you probably wouldn’t have typically expected to find it.  You’ll also find more melody within the music & vocals than you’d probably figure you’d hear too – all those bands I’ve cited in comparison to Dead phone calls have that similar magic of being able to subtly shift the atmosphere into spectacular & spellbinding moments that really hit a huge homerun.  Essentially…for as despairing as the energy will feel at times, it’s equally intense, riveting, thrilling, and melodically-driven…and Dead phone calls should be seriously proud of how balanced this entire cut came out from the song itself, to the video you’ll see.  The hooks are seriously strong on “Revolution Day” – and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if you all ended up with this song stuck in your head long after you’ve finished watching & listening, like I have.  Happily mind you – Dead phone calls has that kind of genuinely gripping, slow-burning melodic intensity I can never seem to get enough of – “Revolution Day” was an easy fit onto the playlists I’ve got on this side of the screen, and a badass track to have booming through my speakers this week.  Major bonus points for the helicopter rotator blades in the mix & siren sounds as well – Dead phone calls has put together a really well thought-out single & video that keeps your heart pounding in time with the bass-lines, delivering sensory vibes you can feel creep right into your soul, that somehow inspire you as well.

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