Dario Margeli – “Pure Spirit”

 Dario Margeli – “Pure Spirit”

Dario Margeli – “Pure Spirit” – Single Review

Call it the optimism that comes along with a brand-new year if you like.

Over the course of years of writing & experience, a music-reviewer has less & less of a place to hide.  Having written well over 2000 here on these pages of ours and slowly closing in on 2500 this year – it’s well documented what I listen to and what typically gets me amped-up in my personal time; usually it’s something Grunge…maybe something that sounds like a broken-answering machine in the Electro genre – I mean, to be fair, it could be anything – and perhaps “Pure Spirit” proves that ever more-so.  If you were to ask me by looking at this tune on paper whether or not it was a song I’d probably like typically – I’m not entirely sure I’d be quick to answer yes – there’s much more positivity & soothing sound in the approach to music Dario Margeli is taking than what I usually tend to listen to in a day.  That being said, listening to “Pure Spirit” was surprisingly well received by these ears of mine…it’s almost so far removed from what I tend to hear on any given day that the refreshingly upbeat attitude of Margeli immediately made an impression.  At first, I honestly didn’t know what that was…I knew right away that I loved what I was hearing from the guitars as “Pure Spirit” began…and within a couple spins, I found myself actually really digging on the uniqueness that Dario brings to the vocals, aura, and vibes of his latest single.  Like I said at the beginning here…maybe turning the calendar over and away from 2020 has put me in a particularly good mood, renewed with hope & optimism for the year to come…that could be part of my attachment to “Pure Spirit” – but I feel like we should probably give Margeli a little credit as well too eh?

Listen.  I’ve always said passion & desire are qualities that are capable of breaking down borders & boundaries within music, and songs exactly like this are proof of that.  When you listen to Dario’s words, and you understand the sentiment & intentions of a single such as this…well folks, it makes it pretty tough not to stand behind it without seeming like you’re a…let’s just say a little on the grumpy side of life to be polite, shall we?  To outright reject the emotional content, insightful thoughts, and feelings on display throughout “Pure Spirit” would certainly say a lot more about us as listeners than it would about the man making the song to begin with – Dario makes it crystal clear he’s on the positive side of things, giving us every reason and opportunity to join him with the invitational & friendly demeanor of this cut.

Personality and character…these things matter big-time when it comes to making a song in any style truly connect, and that’s where Margeli excels most…these are the qualities that make us WANT to support him and a single like “Pure Spirit” – because it’s all built of exactly what the title implies.  You’ll find quite an endearing & humble performance from Dario, with the right spark in his melody & tone when the energy calls for it – ultimately, it’s actually what he brings personally to this tune that stops it from being too comparable to anything else with a similar sound, and there’s a ton of value in that.  Lyrically, I think there’s a ton to be appreciated about this single as well – sentiment & intentions are key ingredients here, and Dario relates a poetically designed string of words that come from the heart, soothe the soul, and promote peace, light, love, harmony…values & attributes we all reach for to share with each other, just like Margeli is sharing this very song with us.  Musicianship is all on-point for sure – definitely a tight group of studio-aces all combining their talents for a relentlessly smooth & atmospheric groove that suits the sentiment that soars throughout “Pure Spirit” – certainly no complaints there from me, you can hear a lot of skill in the professional control these players have, and in the production as well.  If you’re looking at it from the perspective of the fundamentals you want in a song, you’ll find everything is right in line with where it should be – “Pure Spirit” comes out with undeniable professionalism on display & intact at all times.  Sound-wise, the results are more artistically geared, and you’d probably be likely to find listeners & critics scrambling to find SOME place to put Dario Margeli’s music, and they’ll likely choose something close to smooth Jazz…which admittedly, isn’t all that far off.

But there’s more at work here in Margeli’s music…which is why I’d be hesitant right now to label it as any specific one thing.  I highly suspect music itself is both a vehicle for his words and the messages he wants to communicate with the world, as is the case for many songwriters of course – but there truly feels like there is purpose driving Dario – and I genuinely dig that a lot.  I think he ended up with an oddly beautiful song here with “Pure Spirit” – but with its anti-typical, artistically-inclined melody & vocals, this could very well be the start of something beautifully odd too; and either way, I’m interested.  Whatever it is, or however you’d describe it, it clearly comes from a place within the man that has a lot of love for this world we’re living in, and he’s on an audible mission to make it a better place for all.  We’re all looking for uniqueness in music…and Dario undoubtedly has that quality as a performer, and as a humble voice on the microphone…it should be interesting to discover what else he chooses to do over these next years to follow, and where he chooses to take his music on the next adventure he has.  Hard to put a finger fully on what it is really – but there’s something special about Dario that gives him a tremendous ability to break through to the hearts & minds listening out there…call it “Pure Spirit.”

Find more music by Dario Margeli at Spotify here:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/7mxNhEknpLj1TyWByXLrlt

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