Counter Intelligence – “Pounded”

 Counter Intelligence – “Pounded”

Counter Intelligence – “Pounded” – Music Video Release/Review

This is where you get pounded!”  Alrighty then – sign me up.

Well now, looky here will ya?  It’s the self-professed pioneers of Transversal Rock!

While myself & a lot of you out there might not yet have any real idea of what that might exactly be or sound like, we’ll all have to collectively assume it sounds like this new single “Pounded” by Counter Intelligence until we’re at least proven otherwise.  It is, after all, their own genre, and new to all of us given that this is the four-piece band’s debut single & first release from their upcoming album in 2019 – check it out below!

From the looks & sounds of things, these guys are gonna go over pretty damn well with the people out there listening & watching…”Pounded” definitely reveals the unique vibes in Counter Intelligence’s music, & the video they’ve got supporting their new single further complements their identity big-time.  I mean for real, we got killer effects & colors goin’ on…great sound to go with it all, “Pounded” is visually & audibly designed to trip you out (with a solid assist from the talents of videographer Linn Hansen!) – so let us here at SBS be among the first to congratulate them all on a mission fully accomplished.

Essentially, you’re just as likely to dig what you see onscreen as what you hear coming from your speakers…balance & focus like this will lead Counter Intelligence in the right direction for sure over these years to come.  Lots of excellent uniqueness goin’ on here already though, the instrumentation is super-cool & the way they play this cut shows they’ve got the chops to compete for the time on your playlists & the attention of your ear-holes – and I really dig the mix of mayhem & mischief that seems to so radiantly circulate throughout the atmosphere & vibes shared between them.

We’re about a week away from the official release of Counter Intelligence’s debut album called Adapt And Evolve – which will be out there & available for ya as of May 5th this year & of course contains the lead-single “Pounded” on there for ya in the set.  Join Major, Zar, Ghost, and Mountain as they chart a course into the musical cosmos, ready to take you with them on the ultimate trip into Transversal Rock.

Find out more about Counter Intelligence at their official websites below!






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