C’Nyle – “Heist”

 C’Nyle – “Heist”

C’Nyle – “Heist” – Music Video Release/Review

I’ve been listenin’ and trackin’ yoassallday.

From in behind gold grills, C’Nyle cuts to the chase in his new video for his single “Heist,” thickening the plotline that runs through what is essentially a mini-movie that’s supporting this rapper’s latest cut.  Chrome gets flashed early on, intense dialogue sets the drama in motion – C’Nyle’s goin’ BIG here with three-minutes of scripted scenes that put this concept in motion long before the music even begins.  Welcome to the “Heist” y’all – C’Nyle’s makin’ the effort and puttin’ in the work to stand apart from the rest – it’s really smart move to put something like this out there that takes a single to a whole other level…he’s going for the full entertainment package from audio to video to create a total experience.

Once the music kicks-in, things get even grittier and realer than real – C’Nyle raps boldly, delivering line after line with authority and conviction thoroughly coating every word he spits – this emcee ain’t playin’ around yo!  The editing & effects on the video for “Heist” fit the music and vibe supremely well – that intensity you hear in the song is perfectly matched by the badass way the visuals move & get spliced together.  You can completely hear from the dank atmosphere of the beat and the determination in the lyricism – C’Nyle is gonna get his paper up, one way or the other – the music is straight-up wild and the tone of this emcee’s voice should be all you need to hear to know you best get out the way between this man & his bread stack.  Narrating the scene and laying out the details on the ultimate “Heist” and how the plan is about to go down – the attention to detail in his words doles out the vibrant & often violent imagery, but it’s the flawlessly gripping way that C’Nyle raps that creates the ultimate tension that runs deep through this single & makes those words, thoughts, & observations become so damn real.

After the video & song remind you that things ain’t always as they seem, around the 5:30 mark, the music fades out and back into the storyline.  C’Nyle’s new cut comes officially from the motion picture Heist, which is out there and available on all digital platforms right now.  Gotta hand it to this homeboy – he’s handlin’ his business on all-fronts – and I think he’s really put together something unique & worth your time…he’s giving you a solid taste of the full idea and plenty of reasons as to why you’d wanna check Heist out for yourself, and of course, more of C’Nyle’s music as well.  There’s vision here though – you can tell right away from an effort like this and the amount of work it would take to bring all this together…and where there’s work put in when it comes to music and getting it out there, every possible move you can make is another step forward.  C’Nyle has essentially taken a giant leap forward and skipped to the front of the line with “Heist” – this is completely the right way to go about getting your music heard.  He’s created something killer to watch, wild to listen to, and ended up with serious results that make for maximum crossover entertainment.  There’s a lot of rappers out there…we all know that – it takes an artist with vision and real game to bring the whole experience to a new level and discover the potential the genre still has to offer – C’Nyle proves with “Heist” that he’s thinking a step ahead of the rest on the constant, ready to make his mark in music & art a permanent one the people will remember.

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