¢j x RYi$ – “VE$T”

 ¢j x RYi$ – “VE$T”

I can see a cape…some devil horns here…several sharp black nails…

…no vest though eh?  #wellthatwasanunexpectedtwistnowwasntit?

Roll the dice, play with your luck,” and have a spin or two of this savage new cut by ¢j x RYi$ called “VE$T.”  You can call it aggressive Trap, you can call it Emo/Gothic Rap…whatever you consider it to be from your own perspective as this song seeps its way into your face-holes to be absorbed, you gotta admit, this duo is creating a hybrid sound that stands out.  This cut comes out tough enough to take your lunch money, with a bold set of vibes that clearly shows ¢j x RYi$ are unafraid to get gritty & right in your face.

While I can definitely get their not exactly repping a sound many typically find on the surface of the mainstream, artists like these guys have been thriving in the underground scene for years & years.  ¢j x RYi$ have a great thing goin’ on between the energy they create – they pull no punches when it’s time to record, and that comes out fiercely in the end results and the level of venom in their tone of voice as they hit the bars along the way.  Middle fingers proudly raised to the sky, right where you’d assume these two homies would wanna throw’em up – they make a visual impression onscreen as well when it comes to the video supporting “VE$T” through twisted effects, and the committed artists they genuinely are.  In fact, you’ll see the evidence right there in front of you – ¢j x RYi$ take this entire video dead seriously for the vast majority of what you’ll see – but at the very end, they let you in on the inside of this moment a little bit more when they flash what is assuredly the one & only smile you’ll see onscreen.  Make no mistake, they might seem like they’re about to stomp you out, but they’re having some fun too.

What really makes this oddity to work is the bizarrely complementary way each of their voices really supports the other.  Listen to the low-end rhythm of the main hooks and how they sit devilishly underneath the surface, with a whole other set of hooks over-top, creating like, a double-chorus that fires off in tandem and puts this unified force through your speakers with real power.  Hittin’ the main bars of the verses with rhythmic precision over the dynamic beat produced by the expert hand of BRXDSHXW – one way or the other, ¢j x RYi$ are pretty much guaranteed to find themselves an audience of listeners that wanna freak along with’em – and you all know there’s a ton of you out there.  Check out what these two have got goin’ on – turn up “VE$T” below and witness the wild combination of music & mayhem that ¢j x RYi$ brings to the Rap game.

Find out more about ¢j x RYi$ at the official pages below!

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/cjxryis

¢j Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/seee.jayyy

RYi$ Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/ryis.666

Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/cjxris

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8GTRm_f43dSCBrKvNd6lbw

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