Cinco Santos – “Un Poco De Ti”

 Cinco Santos – “Un Poco De Ti”

Cinco Santos – “Un Poco De Ti” – Single Review

One of the reasons that I’ve always been extremely open to listening to music made in another language is the extreme ability that the perspective gives you in breaking everything we hear down.  With the lyrics in Spanish – essentially I’m lost on what the exact meanings of the words would be – but again, to me that’s completely OK; instead I get to focus on how the melody, rhythm and performance work their magic on the new Cinco Santos single “Un Poco De Ti.”  When you don’t know the language, it boils the sound down in your mind to the root-elements that make up its strengths – and like all music made in the world, there’s always common ground we can find to relate to and communicate to each other through a mutual understanding of the planet’s most universal language.

Oddly enough…checking into Cinco Santos online, I actually discovered DOS-bands that are named Cinco Santos…so if you’re looking to get into these guys, make sure you follow the link below to get to the right band.  And personally – I think there are a lot of reasons to make the trip over to their page and follow what this band is up to from what I can hear on the smooth sounds of “Un Poco De Ti.”  Not only does it have an extremely warm & inviting tone, atmosphere and mood overall – but those vocals are about as comforting a sound as you’ll ever hear on the microphone in the verse.  Beautiful stuff – and again, without knowing the words themselves – what I really hear is the performance and the approach, both of which are gorgeous and full of rich, controlled & perfect tones.  Both the music/vocals amp-up in energy as the song builds and plays…Cinco Santos add a bit of rock-edge to “Un Poco De Ti” and it all sounds like a smooth, logical progression to the writing to our ears.  Everything fits right where it belongs on “Un Poco De Ti” – if it deserves credit for anything, it’s certainly the fact that the time & effort have been taken here to make sure not a single note or tone has been misplaced; the writing is beautiful, passionate and expressive and it all sounds completely natural as it flows.

“Un Poco De Ti” really blooms like a beautiful flower in audible-form.  The uplifting sound of the melody is the kind that really has you wanting to fully embrace life and live it to the fullest…it’s got a passionately inspiring tone – again, major credit to the fantastic vocals in Cinco Santos for really bringing this whole song together and add another fantastic layer to the music, which works perfectly well in its own right.  Beautiful guitar-playing, wonderful percussion that sounds truly alive, subtle electro-elements are added in along with a rubbery, playful bass-line – all of it is perfectly played and perfectly produced.  Listen to the way the guitars hit the harmonics for just a moment prior to the 1.5 minute-mark – you’ll hear the stunning clarity that Cinco Santos has gotten into their latest single and appreciate how the beauty & art of production truly plays a role in this song sounding as incredible as it does.  Every hand involved on “Un Poco De Ti” must have been unified in the vision and idea overall, because the results here are marvelous, tight and smooth to listen to the entire way through.

So…yeah!  I’d say this is a track I was completely able to enjoy and support enthusiastically.  If you can imagine it…it’s kind of like what you’d imagine a pepped-up, Spanish-version of what Radiohead’s “High And Dry” might sound like with a more danceable vibe; it has a similar fragile, delicate beauty to the chord structure and a dreamy way of floating us through the chilled-out vibe that exists in most of the song.  When they bring the energy up, they do it with just as much style and grace…Cinco Santos has played this one smart all the way through; delivering a highlight ending, they exit on an exotic & energetic note, leaving you with the impact a new-single deserves to make.  “Un Poco De Ti” is truly a faultless gem of a song…audibly intoxicating to listen to and full of the good-stuff dreams are made of.

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