Chad Rubin – “Alone AF”

 Chad Rubin – “Alone AF”

Chad Rubin – “Alone AF” – Music Video Release/Review

Rock out with your guac out” is probably not supposed to be one of the main takeaways from Chad Rubin’s new video for his single “Alone AF” – BUT…I think it does show visually that the man has a sense of humor and well…well hey, that’s just funny to me, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.  I mean, at the very least we can assume Chad thinks that’s as funny as I do…just sayin.’

Anyhow!  There are MANY other takeaways that show the focus of Rubin as an artist and validate his place as an entertainer – first and foremost of course being his vocal talents on display.  You can hear that mix of acoustic/hip-hop/pop/soul/R&B on “Alone AF” as it bounces between styles & structures itself to get the most out of every moment.  As much as I like the video, I’d be plenty happy with the song on its own as well – I felt like Chad created something that really moves vibrantly through a smooth acoustic/electro combination and that he put in an excellent performance on the mic overall.

But since we DO have the video…it’d be pretty hard to argue that this doesn’t ADD to the experience, because it totally does.  You get to stroll through town with Rubin guiding the tour – he might be “Alone AF,” in his mindset and in the video, but we’re right there with him taking in the visual scenery.  It’s just so incredibly well shot & edited that you honestly can’t help but notice – and you FEEL the vibe because it’s cut expertly to the beat of the music, transitioning perfectly from scene to scene in different, wild ways.  As far as releases from the independent OR mainstream go – “Alone AF” is one of the best videos I’ve seen this year without a doubt.  If Chad continues to rep himself at this caliber both audibly & visually – there’s not even a question about him becoming a household name, it’d be inevitable.  Fantastic job – it’s every bit as fun as it is focused…and ultimately at its core, “Alone AF” has a truly inspiring and uplifting message, attitude and spirit that is completely inviting to listen to.  Check it out for yourself below!

I highly recommend checking out what Chad Rubin’s up to.  I’ve had a look/listen to several of his songs & videos and this guy is high-quality entertainment all the way through.  He’s got me believing in him, that’s for sure – I’d be shocked if he didn’t find his way from his home-base in Scottsdale, Arizona right to the top of the charts, clearly success is in his future.  You put in the effort, you put in the work, you get the results…certainly doesn’t hurt to have the stunning talent in the vocals & writing & video departments like “Alone AF” puts out there.

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