Carole Sylvan – “Something Goin’ On”

 Carole Sylvan – “Something Goin’ On”

Carole Sylvan – “Something Goin’ On” – Single Review

I could list this fine lady’s credentials and keep us here all week if ya like…the easiest way to put it is that Carole Sylvan has pretty much recorded with everyone under the sun at this point in time.  A born star, she’s connected to huge names in the industry like C+C Music Factory, Simply Red, Patti LaBelle, Brandy, Lionel Richie, Toni Braxton…even Dan Ackroyd…and trust me when I tell ya, the list continues to go on & on.  Carole’s clearly got pure music running through her veins, and after reading about her for even just a couple minutes, believe me when I tell ya, it ain’t hard to conclude you’re gonna love what you hear.

She has got SOUL y’all…I could write words of praise about her voice all day long, but it’s going to be nothing compared to actually listening to her sing.  She’s got a brand-new EP out there this year, and I’ve got the title-track “Something Goin’ On” jammin through my speakers at full volume for my own maximum enjoyment – I simply cannot express what a pure joy it is to listen to such professional passion and fantastic songwriting.  It’s fair to say that, not only does Carole know her way around a microphone at this point in her career, but she clearly has just as much of an understanding of the kind of music that will bring out the best in her – and “Something Goin’ On” certainly qualifies without question.  This is just a straight-up beautiful tune to listen to, and flawless in every way…I love the sensationally colorful & vibrant music, and every time I hear this wonderful artist begin to sing, it’s like she lights up the entire room.  Let me be crystal clear here for ya – the very last thing in the world Carole needs is confirmation from a hack like me, but I’ll absolutely give it to her all the same – Sylvan is a tremendous singer that is capable of creating irresistible results, and you’ll hear that’s true within a single spin of her title-track.

You won’t just want ONE spin though…so consider yourselves warned – listening to “Something Goin’ On” practically becomes a commitment, because you’ll want to squeeze this track in as many times as you can in your day.  The kind of soulful passion that simply makes you FEEL GOOD for listening to it, “Something Goin’ On” will have you dancing, toe-tapping, singing along, nodding your head, smiling – all that good stuff and more…it’s got such a refreshing energy, comforting vibe, and stunning sound that it’s bound to energize you every bit as much as captivate your full attention.  There are more things to love about this single than I can personally count – but perhaps the MOST impressive thing above all, is that no matter how much you were enjoying yourself from the very moment “Something Goin’ On” begins, this professional veteran of the microphone continues to go on to WOW you as this single plays on.  As in, YES you’ll love it right from the get-go, but you’ll truly be blown away by the fireworks she puts into this song before the end.  What an absolutely DYNAMITE performance!  Love the saxophone here, the guitars, bass, and drums are all equally stellar…everything is the textbook definition of audible perfection, right up to & including the beautiful sound of the background vocals alongside Carole’s lead.

All that good stuff being said, no matter how amazing everything can be and IS, there ain’t a single thing that’s gonna outshine this superstar on the microphone…this is a voice I could happily listen to sing the phonebook and I’d be smiling from ear to ear – that’s how incredible Carole truly is.  “Something Goin’ On” isn’t just a good single, might not even be just a great single – it’s very possibly going to be one of THE BEST cuts you’re gonna hear in all of the Soul/R&B genre this year…or probably ANY style of music for that matter.  You don’t get to this level of consistency & all-out excellence without eating, sleeping, and breathing music dear readers, dear friends – so hopefully the next generation is paying attention – Carole Sylvan has put a lifetime into her career & refining her talent, and now it’s shining as bright as can be.  “I’m lovin’ you baby,” as she’ll sing to ya on this title track of her new EP – and I’m feeling exactly the same about Carole; I’m in awe of the spectacular performance she’s put into this from start to finish.

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