Caleb McAlpin – “Anymore”

 Caleb McAlpin – “Anymore”

Entertainment multi-threat, Caleb McAlpin has already established himself with a career in acting & been a part of the hit TV Series Adopted – and now it’s time for him to bust some new moves and add another credit to his resume with a side-gig, or perhaps new main one, in music.  In a rhythmic & melodic, chilled-out electro groove, Caleb brings an undeniable sweetness to his vocals in this tale of love, the struggles of relationships, and all the ups/downs experienced in between on his new single “Anymore” – a track strong enough to prove he belongs behind the mic just as much as the camera.  Dynamic, emotional, and powerfully delivered to pull right at the heartstrings – check out the latest video from Caleb McAlpin and his new single “Anymore” below!

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